Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our new Favorite City....!

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Dreaming of a great day...
Hope all is well with you. Right now I feel as if I am at the cusp of a life shift. One that I did not expect would possibly be a reality. Still before relying on the near future I want to be in the moment sharing an experience that I had with the family.

As we travel we try to visit National Parks, local restaurants frequented by residents of the city/town, and embracing the richness of diversity if we stubble upon it. One of the things the Hubster and I agree on is that living like a local cannot be beat. While there are those who go by what is touted as the 'to-do thing' end up not having a complete experience. You come across locals of course but you are in some way keeping in tact a subconscious wall between you and them. I am not trying to belittle the plans and/or activities of others. If it floats your boat and makes you happy....please continue. But if you want to be in the know and not have a watered down visit you need to step outside the star ratings and main stream posts in a newspaper and go for it. Things are a bit easier for me because the Hubster is a redditor and we have found Canadians to be very helpful in steering us toward something more unique.
Please spidey....take a pic with me.
Seeing double...

In the past week we visited Ottawa. It is not too far from our current airbnb and was a no brainer in regard to something we really wanted to do. When we arrived the first building that struck us was the colorful Metro Station. We were blown away by the architecture and history. Hearing from various people talk about the battle of 1838 it reminded me that the U.S. has been part of the well oiled machine when it comes to war. Interesting enough... a lot of the practices they fought for have been embraced in Canada. They were ahead of their time.
The tallest bldg. marks the
home of the Parliament.
Our view looking over from Rideau Park.
Hello there! I see you...

We started at the Museum which has stunning art pieces outside it. You might have seen me trying to negotiate with a giant spider...trying to get him to take a picture with me. We fluttered around and watched them raise the water in the canal to let boats through, and followed along with a tour guide as she explained the history of the buildings. Luv it that Canada has what is called Responsible Government, and that a female judge has success in changing the rules for Women to become a Senator. To learn more about it please click here:
He looked like a guardian to all.

Nice looking hotel!
When we visited a small shop next to the canal to look for something to eat one of the young men who was working there gave us a few options. We decided to go to La Bottega (which is next to the farmer's market). They have sandwiches for $5,75 Canadian. You lick your bread, cheese, and toppings. Simple and delicious.

Now...about the city! We found it to be extremely easy to navigate whether driving or walking. It was clean and there is art all around you. The people visiting were diverse and our time there went by too quickly. The only downer was the heat....but what can you say? Oh, that the planet is in trouble...yeah, that's it! We really LOVE Quebec City, but Ottawa takes the top spot. It has something for everyone. You can shop local and embrace new experiences as they come across your path. Yay!
Baby Girl's sandwich...

Even a post contained
incredible beauty!
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  1. I will have to add Ottawa to my places to visit list! Looks wonderful.

    1. Kathleen, definitely worth visiting...make sure to wear a hat or bring a parasol.