Friday, August 12, 2016

New Focus of Blog!

Hello Luvs,

Visit to Ottawa...!
I am sure that you've probably noticed that my blog has changed. Just like before it has shifted as I shift. After more than half a year using Airbnbs it seems like the next logical step. I have been following my new approach for a while. The difference is that you now get to see it on periscope/youtube/twitter/etc. You get the picture...! 

Will add more parasols I discover!

Finding a way to be of service is my priority. There are many things that I know we all have struggles doing. Whether it is preparing a meal that the whole family will like, trying to stay within budget when shopping for food and/or clothing, or a shared experience of trying to do right by our children and the ones we love. Our world offers up many wonderful things, but there are bound to be hiccups that we all go through. Knowing that someone else is having the same hurdle helps everyone realize that we are not alone. And trust me...if I can do these things while keeping an eye on our finances so can you. 

Also, staying at so many Airbnbs it might help those who are thinking about visiting a different part of the country take the leap. As we travel across the U.S. and back up to Canada I will share great rest shops (and those to avoid), restaurant values (when we do go out), family friendly parks (giving you an idea of the particular age(s) it suits), and more. These are just a few of the things that I have received questions about. So, of course I am starting there.

Making friends!!!
Lastly, I am now going to review the Airbnb homes we visit. Hopefully we will find our home on wheels soon, but up until then you will receive a quick run down of what each place and it's locale have to offer.

Sound good??? I hope so, because I am beyond excited to get started. Come by often to see where me and my parasol travel!

Til next time,


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