Saturday, August 27, 2016

In the Face of Nothing...

Hello Luvs,

A thought came to mind while getting ready to practice Janis. Starting off with the stance....the title begins....we'll see where I end up!

In the face of Nothing...

In the face of nothing
I raise my hands
Today is a day to heed the words of those who came before US....!
Then pound my fists 
Til there's nothing left
In the face of fear
I grit my teeth
Furrow my brow
And lift my head
Toward the one-way road 
Of obstacles I face
Never knowing the fate
Of the mess they made
Is it just a scrape
I will explain away
A approach unseen
Make believe of memory
So, in the face of something
I know awaits me
With a smile and a wink
Bow my knee
To those before me
Who stood the face of nothing
They fought back 
And told the naysayers,
"I have always been something
Worthy of a life to live
Not just with sacrifice I give
So future generations
Have access to everything!"

Til next time,


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