Thursday, August 11, 2016

If Only......

Luv the gold!

Good Morning Luvs,

Thought I would write a poem of acknowledgement. Acknowledging that the if onlys can become the items we accept as gone, and appreciate the now and what is. Oh, and thought I would share some pictures from our visit yesterday to the State Capitol ot Vermont....Montpelier. Such a quaint place.

If Only....
State Capitol Bldg.

I can ask myself this question
Continuing down this road
Still guessing
Did I put myself on this road
Down toward so many things
Still Unknown
Or is someone else pulling my strings
Laughing as I tripped over
My Legs
Do I take my stand asking
Why this
The reality I chose so easily
For myself
Palm reader predicting against
My faith
But my belief system is eventually
What breaks
Ethan Allen....TOO FAB!
No....that has never been my way
Blind faith
I will grab ahold of this demon
Isn't it lovely?!?!
And shake
It around then let it settle around
My legs
And tell it...I will choose my own least
For today

Til next time,

Here's the church...there's the steeple.
I'm a sucker for great
To light your way...

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