Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Homeschool Field Trip made fun.....!

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One of the first things I saw!
Today's blog is all about our trip to a factory located just under twenty minutes from our current Airbnb. When heading in we saw signs, and boy were we happy! The factory is none other than Ben & Jerry's located in Waterbury, Vermont. is my favorite ice cream brand and visiting was a given.
Something we should all ponder...

They offer a thirty minute tour every ten minutes up until 5:00 p.m. (when the very last one starts). The price is very reasonable. It is $4.00 for anyone over 12 years old and free for kids under 12. Since we are homeschooling I asked the gentleman about any tyoe of discount. What he did was give us the tickets for free. It saved us $8.00 just for asking. This made it bearable that we paid so much for t-shirts. Both kiddos wanted on and the prices were $20 and $21. We are more used to paying between $10 and $15 at places that sell merch (like cafes, restaurants, national parks). So, this was a splurge. One that did not go over well with the Hubster. If you read my blogs regularly you know that we are on a budget. Finding our home one wheels soon is a priority. Our costs will go down considerably. Don't worry....I will be sharing the experience with you via periscope (@katsmeoww11) and this blog.

Lucky ducks taste test!!!!
This company walks the walk!
Now...about the tour. It seemed as if the group size was thirty people. You have a guide that calls out the time on your ticket and all departing fan around them. The first stop was a movie about Ben & Jerry's history. From the very beginning they have been socially conscious and given back to various communities/social causes. The fact that they acquire milk from two hundred dairy farmers is a cool thing. This movie speaks about how they got their start (with originally wanting to open a bagel shop), how they ended up going the ice cream route, and what they did for Vermont residents. It even explains how they initially decided to add crazy cool ingredients to their ice cream. If you are interested in learning more about them please click the following link:

Where we tasted ice cream goodness!

Anyone crying over
spilled milk?
The second stop was the mezzanine where we got an overhead view of the ice cream making process. During this part they did not allow pictures. What it encompassed was the step by step process from the base ice cream, to how they add swirls, to the temperature of the ice cream at various stages. It was educational to learn about.

The last part was where we received our scoop of ice cream to sample. For our tour we had Americone Dream (which is Steven Colbert's namesake flavor). It tasted so fresh and creamy! The guide mentioned the top selling flavor (which is Half Baked). Colbert's flavor was in the top 10 along with Jimmy Fallons. I was surprised that Cherry Garcia was second. Guess I will have to try that soon.

They were active in the
from the start!
It was such a wonderful visit. Finding out the flavors that were in the Flavor Graveyard and where they ship to. This is a company that you can get behind. They are community minded. Yes, they were sold to Unilever, but that made a condition that they would have an independent Board of Directors which both Ban and Jerry are on. They continue to do good things. Supporting their efforts reaffirms that we have a like-minded vision of what stands true in regard to how we treat our fellow human being, being involved in peaceful resolution, and the affect that we have on our world.
Say it ain't so!!!

I placed various pictures from places I could take pictures. ENJOY!

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