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Hershey's Chocolate World Roadtrip....!

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Have Parasol...will explore!
So, yesterday was such a great family day. First off, the Hubster only had to work for a couple of hours, so he could join us. Second was the fact that our Airbnb is located about an hour away from Hershey's Chocolate World. You might have guessed it from my twitter (@katsmeoww11) pic yesterday. They actually have light posts shaped like Hershey kisses!
Hello my tasty buddies!

Because we do one field trip a week we knew that we would drive there either this week or next week. We wanted the Hubster to go also, so we took advantage of him having some time. This was an opportunity for the kiddos to see and learn about the process of how so many of their favorite candies are made. Hershey does so much more than their chocolate bar. They make Reese's, Kit Kat, Take 5, Twizzlers, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, York Peppermint Patties, and Mr. Goodbar.....just to name a few. Walking into the building where their eating area, store, ice cream parlor, and tour site is made it easy to have brain overload! Going on a weekday made the crowd manageable....even though it was still crazy busy! If you plan to visit I recommend going on a weekday versus the weekend. Oh, and especially if you plan to go to their water park that happens to be across the road. Yep...they have a water park also!!!!

Mr Hershey himself...
Pretty dapper in that hat!

This week the kiddos learned about the founder Milton S. Hershey. He was an outside the box thinker who had clear goals. Unfortunately, his first two companies (after apprenticing with a candy maker in his teens) failed. The third time was a charm! Milton started making caramels (Lancaster Caramel Company) from milk in Lancaster, PA. This company ended up employing 1,400 people. Not bad right...! Then, after seeing the exhibit of a German chocolate making machine he decided to buy two, and had them shipped to his factory. He used his unique recipe for making chocolate from milk to add a chocolate coating to go over his caramels. This process was instrumental in making chocolate accessible to people of modest means and not just the wealthy.

That cake looks dreany...!
Fave Hershey's product right now.
What impressed me most was what came after he decided to sell his caramel company and start a chocolate business in the Township of Derby where he was born. Some questioned his decision (he chose to be close to cows giving him easy access to milk), but he had a vision. On top of that he knew that if he paid the employees a fair wage and made it possible for them to live comfortably they would be productive workers. He facilitated a way for 75% ( read it right) of his factory workers to own their own home in Hershey. With this mindset and belief he established a community that not only included housing but schools, churches, parks and even a trolley system. The range of amenities made this town Hershey, Pennsylvania, an idyllic industrial town. So much so that Hershey was not affected during the Great Depression. They were self-sustaining. To find proof that he had the right plan all you have to do is read more of his story (including being the innovater of the bar making process!) clicking the link below.

What a whirlwind!

I believe Baby Boy and the Hubster
liked it too!
Our visit started with a quick stroll down a walkway with sweet messages surrounded but clouds. We came across the trolley system which takes you to another destination which I believe is the theme park. When you walk into the building you find the place to purchase tickets, buy goodies, and take the tour (which is a free-30 minutes long-and runs continuously while open) which explains the chocolate making process from beginning to end. I should mention that you ride in cars that have two rows that could easily fit 4-6 people. The set up reminded us a lot of the type you would see at an amusement park which this place has turned into being. At the receive a snack sized candy bar. Not sure if it is always the same one or changes. The one we received was the traditional Hershey's candy bar. 
Our view on the way in and out.

After the tour we perused the store, Baby Boy picked up Sour Jolly Ranchers, and Baby Girl had ice cream. We had been there for a couple of hours and decided to head out. If you are an amusement park kind of family I recommend it...again, on a weekday so it would not be so crazy.

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On our way to Gettysburg...
We finished our day in Gettysburg. There is a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln along with the Gettysburg Address on a plaque which is located on a boulder next to him. This is where (via a tour of the surrounding areas) Civil War statues are available to see along with reading the history made on each individual spot. One interesting area located in the building is the place where it shows the States involved in the War, (a few pictures are located in the slideshow I provided later in the blog) and where they stood in regard to being Union or Confederate loyal. Surprisingly there were lots of States that were divided. I knew there were some, but I did not remember it being so many. The glaring fact that many having issues involving deteriorated race relations (a couple the exact opposite) were at the time Confederate supporters/fighters. The fact that so many States brought their troops to fight in order to keep ownership of Human Beings still maddens me! However, it is important to know this part of America's history. Even if you want to lose your lunch because of it. look warm. May I shade you?

Loved the instruments on display!
We decided to do the optional driving tour (no cost involved-YAY!). They say it takes three hours, but we completed it in about one. They have the statues and plaques located in the spots where the battles place or where troops organized. It surprises me how much (some large in scale) they have for the Confederate side given the fact that they lost the War. Not sure who decides that.... I attached a few pictures from the visit (along with a slideshow of the day). It would be a good place to take your children if you homeschool or go the traditional route. There is a lot to take in (whether it sickens you or not) including some Pro-Confederate literature. Once again....who decides that!
Part of the driving tour!

There were a few look out spots,
so you can take in the landscape.

Last stop? The Pennsylvania Monument!
Thanks for taking time to read....if you would like to see more pictures click the slideshow below.

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  1. Wonderful post! It's hard to go wrong with a chocolate themed park! Looks like a great time was had by all.

    1. I adore you Kathleen! You have been so supportive while I figure out this multi-media thing and trying to find my bliss. Thanks for the feedback! The Hubster and I keep coming back to the fact that the kids were not asking for too much. I think this lifestyle is starting to resonate. The place was crazy cool....we did our thing, then went our jolly way. Thanks again...!