Monday, August 15, 2016

Airbnb Roadtrip!!!

After Vermont came Massachusetts
Then Connecticut....unfortunately I missed
grabbing a New York pic.

And finally...Pennsylvania!
Hello Luvs,

Pretty wild how different states can resemble each other in so many ways yet be so different. Both Vermont and Pennsylvania (current location) have wonderful skies, clean air, greenery galore, and lots of wildlife at your doorstep. However, there are differences. In Vermont you cannot have the cell phone in your hands at all while the vehicle is moving, but in Pennsylvania you can hold and talk but not text. Both are great steps toward making the road a safer. Distracted drivers are a seriously dangerous thing. I have noticed so many in every state we visit. You can guess a driver is using their cell by the way they drift to either side, brake quickly, keep looking down, and continually speeding up then slowing waaaay down. The one place that we noticed did not have as much of a problem is Canada. I am not saying that every driver is perfect there, but in the areas we visited (Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa) it was not as much a constant. Add to that the fact that they start to move over a while before passing you if you are walking. They did not slow down a lot, but instead got over. All of these things can explain why there are or aren't as much road casualties.
Clouds galore...

Were found floating...

Along the dark hooded way...!

Curious what you think! What do you notice in regard to the drivers that surround you where you live. I veered toward this chain of thought because I noticed the problems while out shopping for the family this morning.

Our ride was pretty smooth. We took off at 9:45 a.m. which was ahead of schedule. Can you believe that!?! Because I made sure that we had a variation of snacks that would not go bad we were well set to knock out a long leg. A few of the things I always have handy are granola bars, pretzels, apples, bananas, and water. Everyone has water either in their cup holder or seat back, and napkins are kept in the glove box. Since the kiddos are the first to want something it is usually back between them. Because of this we traveled for over four hours. It doesn't hart that the Prius gets us well over 400 miles per tank full (which means going further without a fill up). We stopped and grabbed take out (over 90 degrees-ARGH!), fed Goldie water and a treat, used the facilities, and jumped back on the road. We stopped at Smashburger. The burgers were pretty good (7-7.5) but the shoestring fries were cold. I recommend you open a bag and try one before you leave. Shoestring fries are a type that I find get colder faster. When you are traveling you tend to grab and go, so it might slip your mind to make sure. It might have just been the location...but it is better to check than have unhappy eaters. To avoid the predicament you could bring chips and just grab the burger to have with it. Because you have water you can avoid ordering a soda...once again...BUDGET!
What would you caption this?

After that we made a quick rest stop and arrived at the house at around 8:30 p.m. There were some complaints of dead devices during the ride, but once they were put aside to charge everyone was more aware of what they saw outside. Not only was the cloudy sky amazing, but the architecture is crazy cool. The history of the area beckons our inquisitive minds to explore. Hopefully this week we will have a chance to do just that.

Oh, and I have a handy dandy link for our road trip singalong...aren't ya glad!! Sing Along During Rad Trip!

Ominous and brilliant at the same time!
That leads me to our current plans. We took off from Vermont to stay at an airbnb in Mercersburg, PA. It is the birthplace of our 15th President of the United States James Buchanan. His term was from 1857-1861. You come across different signs with his name while going through town. One of these days we will stop and check it out further. Homeschooling today was an eye opener to where he stood in the war against slavery. It is essential to know the countries history, and he is not a pretty part of it. The kiddos expressed to me that they don't like him and what he stood for o they wanted to not learn more. I explained how knowledge is power and realizing how truly terrible he was is necessary. Knowing the good and bad helps you gauge your own path and beliefs.

We are not too far (about 1 1/2 hours from here) from the Hershey's factory. We will definitely be taking the tour. I will be sure to take pictures where I can and blog either the evening of our visit or the next day. Hopefully there will be lots of sampling. I will let you know about it's value afterward. The fact that their milk chocolate is a s'mores staple is reason enough to check it out.
Then the sun came out and put up a fight...!!!!

Oh, and there are a tremendous amount of corn fields we had to go around on our way here. It led me to investigate whether or not the area is a top corn producer for the U.S. It turns out that it is not even in the top eight (with Iowa the #1 producer). I could only imagine what the other states look like....interesting places for Corn Mazes! Our townhome is much bigger than I imagined. We have almost all the amenities we could ask for....another one with a dishwasher....YAY! There is a swimming pool, hot tub, and tennis court for our use also. We managed today to take full advantage!!!
Rainbow Dreams spilled out into the night...

One thing that is a little different about this one is that the amount of pay it forward items at our disposal. It could signal one of two things. Either the hosts stay here fairly often and they want to make sure the best staples are here, or previous guests overshopped and/or had lots of items and left them behind. Neither is a negative and is much appreciated. 
For the Sunset was anxious to blow out it's light.....

I will include pictures soon so you can see how dialed in they have it. The only thing I noticed was different was that they mentioned helping ourselves to the soda if we'd like, but there was only one already opened in the fridge. Soda is not something we would expect or indulge in everyday, so in the end it is not that big of a deal. Just interesting that they mention it in a couple of places.

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