Sunday, August 14, 2016

Checking in....

Hello Luvs,

Checking in... Thought I would have time to blog full force today, but our travel time made it a little difficult. However, I thought I'd share just a few pics from our ten hour drive. The Hubster did ALL of the driving. Though I offered to do some he still insisted. Not sure if it is because he gets a little uncomfortable not being under control or because he really likes to drive. I tend to think the latter.

Anyhow, here are the pictures.... I will provide more plus a video of some of our traveling karaoke. Of course we rocked out and had fun with everyone from with Bob Marley to Danzig. Hopefully the video came out. Rainy for part of the way, so we'll see.

Until tomorrow....enjoy some snapshots of the beautiful states we drove through. I will have a bigger blog for you tomorrow.

Til next time,


Pennsylvania...just one of the states we drove through and 
settled in!

Could you imagine...cloudcicles!
Because of the weather there were so many
beautiful clouds..

As the sun set we were about 45 minutes from
our new digs! Yay...!

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