Friday, July 8, 2016


Hello Luvs,

I woke to a text from my Baby Sister, and yet again I can feel my heart ache. Witnessing the world turn back to a time (maybe always been this way?) when racism is tolerated and terrorism becomes common place. This brings a ping to behind the eyes and carries on down my spine. It reminds me how lucky (because it is luck) my family is to not have someone taken away like so many other families. Almost anything can become a weapon (including the mind!) when something twisted is in the forecast. My means of expressing my fear, frustration, empathy, anger, and uncertainty is this blog. 

So, today (and maybe others) I offer up a poem written in the moment about the above and the need to connnect to others. I hope that the end result(s) brings comfort and connection.

Am I angry...
The angry Black Woman
You continue to see
Was it always this way
Where the bottom of our Humanity chain
Rises up
Fight against the tide
These flowers may be different hues
but they all remain united as WE ARE ALL Human Beings!
Of growth inside their own minds
Acting out in a way
To which they say
Has always been the case
Am I fearful...
That your hatred will somehow touch
The babies I bore
The hearts that beat inside them
Quieted while bystanders look on
For this reality
Is oh too real
The grieving Loved Ones
And the pain they feel
YOU know of which I speak
Not a time to remain
For this cancer of society
Who feels hatred
Simply because they see 
Brown or yellow
And yes, sometimes pink
Not the dreams, responsibilities, or family
That they leave behind
Because they quashed their destiny
So, are WE angry...
Enough to root them out
Not avoid but face head on
When one becomes many
Speaking in a single voice
Because of my skin tone
Or sexuality
You cannot break up the village
For we now stand in UNITY

Til next time,



  1. Beautifully and powerfully expressed, thank you, my friend.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate you reading and leaving feedback. It has become scary for so many people. This cannot go on.