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Happy Canada Day! But first....our visit to Île d'Orléans!

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You pass over rather quickly.
Île d'Orléans bridge...
As luck would have it, we are in Canada for some pretty important National Holidays. Last week was Saint Jean Baptiste Day and today is Canada Day. We are planning to travel to Québec for some of the celebrations later today. I will for sure blog about it some time this weekend. To make sure that you do not miss a blog or update you can follow me here, on twitter/instagram (@katsmeoww11), and on facebook ( Until then, let me tell you about the trip we took yesterday.

In previous blogs, tweets, and posts I have uploaded pictures of wonderful looking strawberries. Well, yesterday we drove over the Île d'Orléans Bridge to visit the place where those strawberries are grown. Île d'Orléans is the one of first settlements of French-Canada.  We stopped by a local spot to pick up some....of course many were eaten before we returned home. They are so yummy and flavorful.

TO DIE FOR cheese!!!!
Two things we wanted to do was visit a fromagerie and chocolaterie. The first stop was a place where normally you could see how the cheese is made. Unfortunately for us they were not doing it yesterday. We might go by again if there is time. Instead they offered up (for $1 each) two types of cheese. The first tasted a lot like ricotta. They sprinkled maple chips on top. It was wonderfully fresh and the kiddos loved it. The second was a paillasson. The young lady grilled the sides (it was shaped like a triangle) to perfection. Because we were going to be out for a while we did not buy them then and there. We will instead try to find them at a local grocer. I have a picture of the latter (our favorite between the two). If you come across it snap it up. You will not be sorry you did. Both cheeses are locally made in Île d'Orléans. Next to the fromagerie you can take a tour ($6 per person) of the oldest house on the island. Somewhere actually lived there til the 80's with no running water and electricity. In the late 80's it was officially named as a historical building.
Managed to grab strawberries
right before she finshed bringing
items in.

Félix Leclerc statue....
Next we continued driving around the island which was a good thing. It was raining off and on. Driving versus walking to something close was smarter. We came across a large metal installation of a guiter playing man. It is a depiction of the French-Canadian musician and activist Félix Leclerc. If you would like to read is bio and see images of him please pop onto:

We had been looking for a maple syrup pie and found one at a boulagerie/store. It was frozen and thawed in the car as continued our adventure. When we got home it was perfect. We topped our thin slices with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which was recommended by Canadian redditors. We also grabbed maple sugar candy that was in the shape of maple leaves. It was a little too dense and sweet for me, but the rest of the family loved it.
Such a dreamy view....

One thing that struck my heart was that the people took such pride in their homes. Most were not big but instead modest. There were lots of rv's, so you know they found time to get out and travel. There was also the obvious fact that they had a view available to them that is priceless. The pride taken in where they live is something that we have noticed is shown by most residents here.

Goodness abounds in here!
We HAD TO visit a chocolaterie of course. There are two locatiions on the island. We stopped at the first. They offered prepackaged candy or you could pick out pieces to mix and match. With mix n' max you pay by the pound. Each piece was divine. Sorry I do not have pictures of them. We ate them immediately and forgot to get snap shots of them.

If you are ever in the the Québec area I highly recommend visiting this island. It will give you a wonderful view of the St. Lawrence River and also offer up wonderful items to tickle your taste buds.

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