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Visiting Jacques-Cartier National Park

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Had a time trying to go through pictures last night to add to this blog. When so much beauty surrounds you you not only feel it in your heart and soul, but you feel the need to document all of it in some way. At leasr that is how this boggled mind works. I have decided to add some in collage form in order to share more with you. If you would ever like to see something individually please comment below.
The view when coming up to
the visitor's center.

For as long as the Hubster and I have been together we have enjoyed visiting National Parks. We've continued visiting them after both kiddos came along. Most of the time we stick to a budget so it is important that we really get a bang for our buck when we pay. I can tell you wholeheartedly that this park was worth it! Since we were not doing the specialized activites we were able to enter with a pass for adults at $8 each (Canadian vs. $6.16 U.S.). Children under 17 are allowed in for free. This enabled us to take advantage of the trails and river access. To save yourself some money I suggest bringing lunch/dinner/snack with you. There are lots of picnic tables available to use. The best ones that worked visually for us were the ones on the bridge that lead to the trail we hiked. Oh, and going on an off day will allow you to feel as if the trail belongs only to YOU!
Bridge goodness!

Signs of life were all around!
The name of the park we visited is the Jacques-Cartier National Park. It is located about an hour from our airbnb. The landscape we found all around us made the travel time fly by. The park is named after the explorer who claimed what is now Canada for France by following the Saint Lawrence River in search of The New World. If you would like to know more about him visit:

Water, mountains, and trees...
Once we entered the park we drove another 10 kilometers (just over 6 miles) to the visitor's area. Here you could learn a little more about the area, sit and take a gander at the river, pick up anything from hummus to turkey sandwiches (and crazy looking Sponge Bob ice creams). It is also a gift shop where you can grab a walking stick that starts off in three pieces that you put together. One thing we have noticed at all of the places we've been that offer souvenirs are wooden spoon instruments. They had them at most places in Quebec City. When I find out why I will share with you. Anyone from Canada reading this please comment below if you know the reason why. I am sure other readers would appreciate it. Last but not least, they had maple products (syrup, candy, soap, etc.)!

Headed back down with kiddos.
Picture courtesy of Hubster.
With beams of light I am
We asked the gentleman at the entrance what he suggested in regard to trails with our time allotment. one of the ones he mentioned was The Cascades. It was about 3 miles and had some challenging climbing areas. I managed this time to keep a consistent pace that did not wind myself. The trail was in pretty good condition. If I had to rate it against the places we have been thus far...I would say that it is in the top 3. The trail starts off with the view of the Jacques-Cartier River to your right. About midway through you start to hear the water cascading down. The trail runs in a loop (or slight horseshoe) shape. When we reached the top there was a wonderful bridge that crosses the water which at the time was running strong and fast. If you have difficulty viewing the video of the cascading water below please pop onto instagram/twitter (@katsmeoww11) and facebook ( While there please consider following. I would appreciate your support. 
The rush of water cascading down...

Now...about the bugs!!! If there was any downside to the trail it was the bugs. The gnats, mesquitoes, and flies were an issue. On the trail they were in abundance. Going into our ears, nose, (with multiple attempts) our mouths. If you do not like bugs consider taking precautions like bug spray, a net hat, or dryer sheets (rub them on exposed areas and keep in pockets...for mesquitoes especially). You will be glad you did.

One option you might consider (especially if you have someone who cannot hike) is driving around then across the river (there is a bridge to do so. A small road on the rivier side of the center allows you to do so. We drove it and witnessed a river so still that it looked like a lake. Tried to get out and hike further down but decided to run back to the car when the swarms of bugs surrounded us! Once we were in the car they hovered was hilariously similar to the bug equivalent of the 'Birds' movie!
Something was DEFINITELY
wrong with him!

The preview to the sunset's

We then went back to the center and picked up ice creams for the kids. Check out the picture of a malformed Sponge Bob! He ended up falling off right away because he was lopsided. The Hubster went back in, and they replaced it without question.

As we drove home we ended up receiving a speacial treat. The sunset was like one I have only seen in someone else's photos or in a movie. It looked as if the sky was on fire. The red and orange (with small areas of pinkand purple) were awe inspiring....and of course...I share them with you!

Got brighter and brighter...
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