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Hello Luvs,

I hope life is treating you well. Being here in Canada we will not be finding many others celebrating Father's Day. We (as a family) feel that commercially driven holidays are something that need to be done away with. The special people in your life should know how you feel without a calendar telling you when. The dictated approach makes it seem as if it is an obligation and something you must do or risk be looked down on. 
Some of the items going
into the omelets.

Neverthless, today we are simply doing what the Hubster would like to do. The funny thing is that we will be doing things we do throughout the year. We had a wonderful breakfast/brunch (pictures throughout the blog) and will go hiking in about an hour. It will be a new place we'll visit, so we get to explore once again. Something we all like doing.

The one thing that happens for me today is the memory of my father and the fact that for most of my life I have not had the influence of one. I think of him at different times when a situation prompts me to, however today brings my feelings to the forefront....opening wounds I thought were healed long ago.

I have blogged about my history before and mentioned my father. For those of you who are new to my blog my father passed when I was nine. He was thrown from his motorcycle and suffered brain complications and his body could not handle his injuries. Long before he passed he was not a constant in our (silbings and mother) lives. He was in and out consistenly. He was the love of my mother's life, so she was willing to accept him back time and time again. He was an adult and responsible for his actions, but one factor that led to his behaviour change was his military service. He went to Vietnam and came back a changed man. No longer was he a clean cut gentleman with black rimmed glasses who went off. He became a leather vest wearing, chain dangling, large bellied motorcycle rider. He traveled with his possee/gang/group all over and took up with many different women. The end result was a wife who was heartbroken, children longing for the presence of their father, and additional siblings that we have no real number to attach to.
Had to have bacon in those there omelets!

Still....I had a bigger than life impression of him. He grabbed the moon and stars with a tight grip and brought them down to me. They called me 'Champ's shadow', and I follwed him around like a lost puppy. I sat next to the car he was working on, or hopped on his motorcyle so he could roll around wih me. I had no idea if he would be there the next morning and it prompted me to grab onto him for dear life.

As I have aged I lost the rose colored glasses and mind made perception of who he was. I have accepted his shortcomings. I realized long ago that he fought his demons every day. The war fundamentally changed him and dictated the future my Mother would have.

Bacon, mushroom, and brie omelet/
mixed berries/apples/toast/
mango juice/coffee
All of this comes rushing back to me not just on Father's Day but when seeing how the Hubster is handling his role as a father. Seeing him lead by expample in regard to how fellow human beings should be treated. The view he has about the imprint you leave behind you on this planet we share. Also, how you navigate confrontations and communication with family, friends, and strangers. We have opposite views on some subjects, but we agree on most. The role a father has is immeasureable. Our children learn so many lessons about how we live our lives in a positive way. We are a unit, and his role is appreciated and recognized. Today marks the official day in the U.S. but showing him daily how much we love him is our prescription for life.
Toast with nutella, strawberries,
and raspberries...

Take everyday to show how much you love the fathers in your life. Remember that he had to learn how to do this parent thing one day at a time. He had to find his own way to instill his values and lessons in his chidren. In no way is he saying that he is perfect and/or did not make mistakes. Because that Luvs is what life offers. Lessons to take in and hopefully grow from. Accept that he, after all, is a Human Being who takes it day by day trying his best to fulfill his potential as a Father, Son, and Man.

Til next time,


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