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St-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec City

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Quebec City off in the distance...
This blog is a few days overdue, and coming to you at last! I am finding it challenging to keep up to date because there are so many beautiful places and experiences we have had choosing one is not easy. I like the idea of writing blogs about our experiences just as much as reading another's blog. It is a way to feel supportive and be exposed to something you may not be able to do. It might be because it is happening in another country or it could be because of funds. We try to find things to do as a family that are low or no cost. This trip happened to have two costs....gas and food. So, if you ever have questions about expense please ask. Now on to the good stuff.

Steeples are all around us.

As it turns out we are in Canada for two major holidays. The first is St.-Jean-Baptiste Day (La fête nationale) and the other is Canada Day. I will be sure to blog about the latter after it happens. For today I wanted to share with you our time spent in Quebec City for SJB Day. It is a day to celebrate the Jewish preacher who baptised Jesus in the River Jordan, and celebrated by French Canadians.

Are they going to the city? Hummm
While watching tv (which most channels are in French so it provides a chance to learn new words!) the news channel was promoting the Inauguration of the Quebec National Arts Museum's ( new addition named Pavillion of Pierre Lassonde. It was a lofty build that had an underground walkway and glass as it's primary means to experience both the inside and outside simultaneously. The film shown in the auditorium informed us that a New York firm was chosen to design the structure. Boy did they hit the nail on the head!

Time to go in...
Dreams take flight!
The crowd was large and hard to navigate especially while Raôul Duguay à Webster was performing accompanied by a pianist. The crowd was singing along and the area was gleeful. The Hubster commented that it felt like a movie scene. He was so right....when he concluded his call and repeat the thunder of clapping was electric. He is a well known artist and it showed. There were others who performed before, but we were unable to catch them.

One thing that did happen that we were extremely bummed about missing was the speech given by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He is a wonder, and we are big fans of his. Since Quebec is in the French speaking part of Canada the crowd briefly booed him for speaking in English for some of it. In many ways I understand....even though there were people who traveled to Quebec from other areas (like us) and are trying to learn French being able to understand part of it was probably appreciated. That said....this is the biggest day in Quebec and they take it seriously. One cool thing was that this is the only day where metered parking is free...yay!
The kids were like...creepy!

Look closely now!
Let's talk art. I have included pictures of some. Unfortunately most of the curated pieces did not speak to me. As they say, art is in the eye of the beholder. In all honesty, it was the new building that stole the show. Oh, there was an installation that filled one room. The artist has a piece in the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham, North Carolina. He is Canadian, and it was good to see that he had such a large piece here in his home country, The piece was on the dark side but forced you to explore each section and keep looking. 
This was located on the back side.

It was quite large.
After a couple of hours the kids were ready to eat. We slowly made our way to the food area. While doing so we came across bands, performance artists, and painters producing pieces. One of the bands performing on the street had a singer who had a voice that was a mixture of blues and jazz. While they played two couples were swing dancing. When we arrived to the main street I was immediately struck by the design of the street lights. They were bright, big, and very artistic. The city had placed seating areas with circular astroturf and chairs. Businesses were hopping! After checking out menus of different places we settled on finding something at a place which seemed to be in a small mall. We grabbed sandwiches on baguettes. They hit the spot for sure. YUM! Between yummms and sharing we people watched and talked about our favorite part(s) of the day up til then.
Aren't they perrrty!

We decided to go back to the museum and checking out the area that existed previously. This part was also beautiful. There was a lot of wood in a medium brown (is there such a thing?) and the stairs were grand.
Baby Girl and I heading back to
the car. In front of us? The new
building. Yes! Have parasol will travel!

All in all it was a wonderful trip. Just beings in Canada for this special day was amazing. The building's beauty will grace our minds for a long time.

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The architecture is to die for!

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