Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So Much to Learn

The beauty of Canada...already a special place!
Hello Luvs,

It has been a few days since I have posted. I find myself absorbing the joy and bliss our current location brings. This is seriously heart happy stuff! From the moment the Hubster and I decided that we would travel here (Canada-about 40/45 minutes from Quebec) there has been a weight lifted. Feeling lighter, more at ease, and trying to rise to the occasion is just what our family needs.
We knew we made it...!

I will hopefully be bringing you blogs each day, however my new goal is to do so when I am inspired. That might mean that you will not see a new post for a few days. Whenever this happens please consider reading previous posts. They will provide even more insight into where my head is and what our plans have shifted to. 

Until then, here is a flow of consciousness poem. ENJOY!

Much to Learn
Kiddos new buddies

I need to catch my breath
This moment I'm in owns my focus
Inspires chest holding heart pumping
Mind blowing nowness
You have heard it all before
Me saying I could not ask for more
The point in which I do not 
Recognize myself
Not focused on a lack of health
I can now be the ME
The poet, the singer, the mother
The Queen
Who rules over an invisible kingdom
Where unicorns roam in freedom
No one trying to steal their horn
As nature reminds me once again
That I still have so much to learn

Til next time,


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