Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our Visit to Beaupré, Québec

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Isn't she grand!
Saint Anne....
Sorry I was unable to post this yesterday. I was not only zonked but had some tech issues. I wanted to show you a few snap shots of our visit not only to the Basilica of Saint-Anna-de-Beaupré but the adorable streets and buildings that surround it.

The view of the eastern side
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Beautiful murals on the east side of
the Basilica's museum.
We drove past the Basilica many times while traveling back and forth to Québec and/or the local shops for groceries. It is tremendous in stature and even grander when stepping closer to her. They tell the story of the first hotel and pilgrims who settled here. Because I find that adding several pictures causing a glitch I decided to add most of them as collages. They tell the story in muted colors. If you would like any of them posted individually let me know.
Pics of the interior...

The one thing we did notice was that no one else was taking a moment to admire them. Most went straight to the Basilica or souvenir shop. The tour bus guides did not either. It was an interesting thing to note.

We stepped into the Basilica and were blown away by it's beauty. The colors, murals, and ceiling were all tremendously beautiful. Though I follow a spiritual path versus religious I still had to nod my head at the amazing work that went into it.

When leaving we decided to take a stroll past the water fountain and down the street that was parallel. When doing so we came across the Museum of the Edison Phonograph and insane architecture. We could imagine the first settlers/pilgrims wandering down the small street and climbing the spiral staircases. That is what dumbfounded us....the murals were our guide in connecting to that past. was a wonderful couple of hours and we are glad we did it.
Steeples reaching toward the sky
through the trees.

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Oh the colors!

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