Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our First Trip to Quebec...Old Quebec that is!

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Hope your week is going well! I wanted to give you a ride along peek into our first trip to Old Quebec. There is, quite frankly, waaayyy too much to say about it. It boggles the mind when you visit somewhere that speaks to your soul. A place in which you melt into with others doing the same. Yes, there were plenty of tourists (including us) but that was not a factor in our visit. Read on to find out what the take away was from food to architecture.

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There she is....and isn't she a site to behold!
Before we even arrived in Quebec we had to admire the skyline. Coming into a place where we know the architecture would astound we needed to document what it looks like while driving to. To our left (picture courtesy of Baby Girl) we could see it in all it's glory.

The street view from our lunch spot.
A sign from a store that was
closed...didn't see much of these.
When discussing our upcoming trip with my cousin she commented that Quebec City is like visiting Europe. Since I have never been to Europee I was prepared for least I thought so. When we came into the city I was blown away. Not just by the buildings but the cleanliness of the city. I have been to other cities, but they clearly care about the status of theirs. We found one way streets and charm galore. The buildings made me feel as if I was transported to Europe. At every turn was saw glorious windows, intricately carved doors, and rooftops that flatter the sky.

The beauity and grandeur of what surrounded us....

After walking around a bit we arrived closer to the water. Next to a larger tourist gathering area we came across this Salvatore Dali piece. Her beauty beckened the skys rays to form a halo. It is a breataking piece that many walked on by swithout a sideways glance. I suppose each person has their idea of art and what represents it. For me, this angel is the epitomy of pride, strength, and grace. You only need to look upon her for a moment before you too discover this. But you must be willing to take that moment....
Hello Dali...well, hello Dali!

Next we were on the hunt to find something to eat. The Hubster loves to research local spots and put it out there to other redditors. He received LOTS of information (the redditors have been so incredibly kind and fast to share their experiences/recommendations). They have been instrumental in our experience. Would not have been the same trek if we did not have their help. We decided to eat at a restaurant that was on a corner and sat outside (inside you needed to be an adult) and the kiddos are not). Below is a slide show of our yummey drinks...(in fancy glasses) and the meals the Hubster and I picked. Only snafu was that both my salad and sandwich came with onions on them. Fortunately they were placed where I could easily take them off and move the pieces that came into contact. Since many dishes come with onions (and are not listed) I know to make sure I ALWAYS check! Also included below are pictures of our desserts which were yummy sort serve and a brownie/caramel slice. All together now...YUM!
Food and drinks!

We walked the city after eating these desserts and observing people arrive for a wedding. It took place in the church next door. You can see a picture of it in the first slideshow above. It looked like a pretty formal affair. Was nice to see fols decked out. The church was beautiful on the outside. We could just imagine the inside. 

The family walked around all day but it did not seem like it. All around there was beauty. Beauty in the clouds, ladndscape, and people. Becuase we are not fluent in French we put together as much as we could. The locals seemed to appreciate it. I believe the ones who heard us speaking before we walked up heard our language and let us know by speaking English when we spoke. Before coming we were schooled on the few things you should always attempt. It is appreciated by the locals and the right thing to do when visiting another country. 

We cannot wait to visit tomorrow for the St. Jean Baptiste Day celebration. They celebrate it both today and tomorrow. I will be sure to blog about the event.

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