Thursday, June 9, 2016

Newly Discovered Trail that is AWESOME plus an update on Canada!

There are at least three bridges
like this.
Hello Luvs,

I wanted to get this to you yesterday, but with life sometimes other things take precedence. It is good I did not because I have additional pictures to share with you. 

A closer look with the
stream behind.
Quick question...have you ever lived somewhere for a few years and only come across something cool when you are due to leave? It has happened to the Hubster and me once again. We pride ourselves on being explorers. Trying to find the music. trails, restaurants, etc. that are not involving the masses who tend to leave their footprint everywhere on it. Not saying that we are the first to find the place, but we to experience things that are off the beaten path. Even at this trail there were bags that people left behind after picking up their dogs business. Why go through the trouble of picking it up if you are going to leave it? My hope is that they will be grabbing them on their way back.

There were several curves
with tall trees shading us.
Black and white and
rusted all over!
That brings me to our latest discovery which finds me slightly embarrassed. The trail had been mentioned many times at the Arts Commission meetings. For some reason I tied it to another trail system. Well, last week while driving back from a park in Carrboro both the Hubster and I saw the sign and were like...WE HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT! It is located within five minutes of our current airbnb. What were we thinking? How could we have missed it?!?!

The spot is called Morgan Creek Trail. We could have literally walked there a couple of times a week while here. It would offer even more of a variety to the locations we frequent. There is a significant amount of parking spaces and several wonderful bridges/walkways. The icing on the cake is the pasture you come to at the end of the paved trail. I have a few pictures from there (in addition to other places along the path) throughout the blog. The best part about it is the fact that while there we do come across others but they are few. Instead of banter we hear the stream flowing, birds chirping, and the wind blowing the trees. That is....whenever the trail takes you further away from a major road. Yep, this oasis is close to a major throughway.
The texture difference makes
me happy!

The only change I would make is that the grass needs some attention. I mention that hesitantly because we have had a significant amount of rain and there are probably many places needing mowing.

Canada Update

These beauties are
throughout the pasture.

Yay! We take off for Canada in two days! We are all getting really pumped for the journey there (10 hours on day and 6 the other). It will be the first time we have used our new passports. Because the Hubster is so organized we have had our necessary projects on our calendars for a while. We started thinning out items for donation and packing what we want to keep (but not take to Canada) for storage. Just putting it together it has become apparent just how much we really did not need. We will have a small amount which will fit easily under an RV if that is where we land after Canada.

It simply does not get any better than this!

One of the pictures from this
mornings walk.
Sign found at the entrance
to the pasture.
In regard to updating during our trip, I will continue to blog. I may also vlog or periscope when we stop and/or come across something I think you might dig. While there I am going to try to finish my children's album. So be prepared for more videos of me playing Janis! If you have not seen them you can check them out on a few social sites listed below.

Instagram/Twitter/Periscope- @katsmeoww11

*Go ahead and follow so you do not miss any additional updates! If you reside in Canada (close to Quebec City) I would love some suggestions of local shops, restaurants, hiking/walking trails, or National Treasures we should not miss.
Even the bike racks
are beautiful!

A concrete and metal bench just off the path.

Til next time,


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