Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...It's hiking we will go!

The information sign at the
beginning of the trail...which

is transcanadian and allows
you to hike across Canada.
Hello Luvs,

The sign announcing the
turn in to the trail.
Today finds us with a breeze coming in through the windows we have open. Mostly grey sky, but the sun is making a valiant effort to win them over. I thought I would share another hiking experience we had as a family. This one took place yesterday. There were frogs, snails, slugs, butterflies, moss, bouncy terrain, a lookout to die for, several waterfalls (of varying sizes), and to top it off a scary asthma attack on my end. Yay!

The name of the trail was the Sentier Louise Gasnier . We came across it while taking a leisurely drive north of our airbnb. I had explored Le Massif last week but had not ventured the additional ten minutes to reach this divine trail. The location looks as if there is snoaboarding nearby in the winter season. There was an actual metal statue at the beginning that emphasized this.
On the lookout for a moose
and found this adorable
little thing...

The trail we took had us going by a logging location....complete with a sign warning you of the possibility of being shot if you wandered into the wrong spot. Luckily the rest of the trail was well marked so there was no chance of us doing that. As we ventured about a 1.5 miles in we crossed at least eight bridges of all sizes. My favorites were the ones with caramel brown wood posts and metal lines. They were all solid while at the same time gorgeous....as a nature bridge can be when done right.
These were my favorite bridges
we came across...

Of course the kiddos managed to find the most adorable frog. As you can wee...he was hanging on to Baby Boy's finger for dear life. Many of the snails were perfectly camouflauged in color. The slugs did an even better job. We were fortunate not wander onto the path of a moose or bear (which are in the area). 
An example of a well made

As we climbed further and further down (knew it would be a challenge climbing back up) it became even more beautiful. The sound of cars we heard toward the beginning were now gone and all we could hear were the sounds of nature as it surrounded us like a comfortable blanket. We came across a look out spot with a nice bench and railing which both appeared well looked after. You can see a picture of both (along with the adorable graphic announcing it's location) below.
Kiddos klimbing!!!

Since the Hubster need to be back at a certain time to train someone we looked for a perfect place to stop, take in waterfall/nature goodness and head back. At this location I recorded the waterfall for your enjoyment. I will upload it to instagram/twitter (@katsmeoww11) and facebook (www.facebook.com/katsmeoww11).

Beautiful from all sides...
Now for the really fun part. I should first say that we had smelled something burning the night before on a walk around the rivers edge (pictures on instagram, facebook, and twitter-@katsmeoww11). There has also been something floating in the air that I am more than likely allergic to. Well, about fifteen minutes into the trip back I started to have breathing problems. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest, could barely catch my breath, and my head was heavy. Not wanting to scare Baby Girl (Hubster and Baby Boy were further along racing) I let her know when I needed to stop. The further I went...the more I couldn't breathe. Luckily we caught up with the boys and Hubster immediately knew something was wrong. He could hear it as I tried to manage it. I stopped and tried to get a grasp on my breathing. He walked behind me, and I took my time. Of course I did not have my inhaler with me (lesson learned!) because I had not experienced an episode in several months. When we got back to where we entered the trail we saw in the distance that something was being burned. So, I believe it was a combination of air quality, allergies, and exertion. Pretty sure that you would not make the same mistake if you have this affliction. When you do, take your inhaler with you. Better to have and not need it than find yourself in need and not have it.
Some of the gorgeous spirit candy
we saw along the way.

All in all I would say it was a great outing. We discovered a wonderful trail around thirty minutes away. If you are ever in the vicinity we highly recommend taking advantage of this FREE trail.

Til next time,


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