Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clouds Do Not Bother Me....!

Good Morning Luvs,
When I was a child this might have f
frightened me, but now I see them
for what they are....

Thought I would share a poem I can feel wants to materialize from this migraine addled mind. Later today (or tomorrow) I am going to be sharing pictures and take aways from our weekend trip to Quebec City. In the meantime enjoy my stream of consciousness poem. If you have not had the chace to read recent blogs take a gander?!?

Clouds Do Not Bother Me....

In a time when racism rears it's head
Clouds do not bother me
When someone wishes another dead
The hate says a lot about thee
When disgust makes a deafening sound
Your black coulds will not threaten me
As I walk toward a place of bliss
Your fight will not bother me
I see just how troubled you are
Your sighs only a whisper to me
For I see now just how you doubt yourself
This thunder will not bother me
You are the darkness while I am the Sun
Be reflective and look away from me
Because as long as I see you clearly
Those clouds will not bother me

Til next time,


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