Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Hike that Surprised Us!

Hello Luvs,

The beginning of the trail.
We find ourselves coming into the first weekend here in Canada. It was a fairly smooth drive up in which we stopped in Latham, New York on the first night and arrived at our Airbnb around 7:30 p.m. the following day. Making such a long trip in a car does not suit everyone. For us, we actually like it. The Hubster likes to drive, and I make sure that we all have the supplies we need. For once I believe that I brought just what was needed.
Information Billboard...

So, I have been communicating with various friends via social media (with my facebook friends really engaging) and they have been tremendously supportive. To say the means more to me than they know. Traveling to a different country where you do not speak the language is a daunting task. When you are younger it seems to be easier to do. For me? I like a challenge. Being a musician helps with pronunciation. Just like Spanish I am also finding that I can comprehend it more than I can speak it. When reading something I can generally figure it out. But if someone is speaking to me (especially at an accelerated) I am lost!                                               
The water was AMAZING!
Crazy beautiful view!

Hopefully at the end of our ten week stay more words will come. Today I actually went to a local's house and bought a dozen brown eggs. Were the words slightly jumbled? Yes! Did I figure it out? Yes!!! I was very proud of myself.

The reason I wanted to do the blog today was because we visited a local hiking trial that takes you down to the St. Anne River which feeds into the St. Lawrence. I have been trying to do at least one outside activity with the kiddos each day. I went on Google and asked about a hiking trail near the airbnb. What came up was ,Sentier Mestashibo. It is located about seven minutes away and in the center of town.
Baby Girl taking it all in!

Bright green popped up
We thought (silly us!) that it would be something moderate. I looked at the bulletin board and thought I understood it. I might have been a little off. Once we started I noticed that we were going down pretty steep. The decline was severe in some areas (well MOST) and it gave me a feeling of...Oh Boy, we will have to come back up. When explaining it to the Hubster when we returned home he decided he would check it out. When he returned from his trip there he admitted that it was a challenging trail. Made me feel better! 

Throughout the trail there are a couple of bridges and lots of rock...some trees....more dry SLIPPERY rocks....bugs....and...wait for! Tree roots I have found provide a surface/path that almost make steps. When large rocks line the trail and are varying sizes and distance apart it keeps you on alert. I did fall on my bum when the kiddos bellowed that they could see a stream or river. That is when looked up and did not notice a mud patch and slid-bounced-and landed on the before mentioned body part.
New fav hiking shoes.

On the hunt for 
All we (I really) went through both going down and coming up were worth it. When we got further down we saw why! We had reached the most beautiful, serene, unspoiled, and breathtaking view. I do not think that my pics do it justice...but I tried. The kids had a blast looking for crawfish (and other tiny fish) in the shallow parts. The river was moving much to fast to go in. However, standing at the bank looking around and taking in the bliss that surrounded us was otherworldly and more than likely will be trekked again.

As my heart pounded and I leaned on my walking stick (branch found by Baby Girl) we slowly made the climb back up. After what seemed like forever we made it. We made it with memories to share and time spent the river's edge.

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  1. The road less traveled is always worth the trip.

    1. Appreciate you commenting! I agree....sometimes it strikes others as odd because it is different to them or does lay within their comfort zone. For us, it is as natural as breathing.