Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why is it easier for us to pass the buck than take accountability for our mistakes?

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Entrance to rose paradise!

Many sit and enjoy the
divine smell.
Wowzer....another week flying by! I think getting ready for our summer is part of the reason why. We are almost prepared (passports, dog records, lodging, etc.) but still...when traveling so far you want to make sure you do not forget anything. Anyone who has traveled to Quebec recently I would love any nuggets (even the smallest will do) of wisdom and/or guidance.

The fountain is so beautiful and
has a mellow sound.
The blog today takes on why the buck is passed so quickly in regard to missteps. Where most people would rather do that than say "My bad!" and take accountability. We are all fallible and Human. Mistakes will happen from time to time. It is what we do in said situation that defines where we stand in regard to this. 

Perfect spot to take it all in!
I find it refreshing and heartening to witness others say they made a mistake. I have passed the buck before. I can tell you that I have felt guilty after doing so. Nowadays I will take the responsibility even it I am not the one who made the mistake. But is that a mistake also? Probably.... Once again navigating societies pitfalls takes a toll.
Mr. Bee hard at work!

The color of this rose is spellbinding...
So what do you do? When the reprecussion might be slight (or boulder sized) do you step forward to say that it was your mistake? Do we all think about the example we set for our children and others regarding owning your mistakes. 

Bushel of pink!
Now, in this time in my life, I feel that if you embrace life's lessons you grown from those mistakes. You simply cannot grow if you do not acknowledge that there was a mistake and learn to pay attention to what it telling us. Then we are more apt to not repeat that same mistake. You see where I am going?
Varying stages of bloom.

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Perfection in pink!
By our exit of the park.

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P.S. The photos throughout the blog are from the Community Park that is next to the Bolin Creek Trail. They were so incredibly beautiful that there was no filter needed. The Hubster and I took our morning hike there. Can you smell the roses?

This link takes you to video taken while on the trail....

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