Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday....Possibilities!

Happy Thursday Luvs,

And yes...there was cleavage....
Not done often...and YES is was noticed!
This poem is dedicated to the Hubster. I do not typically do a Throwback Thursday post. However I decided to share a picture from our engagement party. It is where we were given a vacuum.... Now, the friend who gave it to us as a gift KNEW just how much I WAS NOT domesticated. She is in shock and awe when witnessing my parental skill (haha!) and fairly good cooking. Who would have thunk???? Definitely not me! Oh, and I am so animated BECAUSE I knew how funny they were trying to be.


With a deep breath
I leap...
Toward unchartered terrain
I am lost in your arms
Immediately I was there
Located in our future dream
Of things still unseen
For they had potential
To be more than
They seemed....
For I know now
The palm read
Back in time
Led me down this road
Where life has endless

Til next time,


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