Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Morning Freestyle

Hello Luvs,

As we get closer to our departure date I am feeling a tremendous amount of excitement. Going to explore a new place is beyond appealing. We will do lots of hiking and outdoors activities (which we do now to some extent) before traipsing down to the city.

My plan is to periscope and/or film short vlogs in addition to by blogs here. If you are not following the blog please consider doing so now. Following me on instagram/twitter/facebook (katsmeoww11) also would help both of us. 
Picture by Baby Girl...

We will do one more purge of items before we depart. I cannot tell you just how liberating it is to remove items that really had no hold on us. To know that you can be free to follow what is best for your family is a gift. Will we come back to where we are now at the end of summer? Maybe...but, with both children excited about road schooling we have options.

For now, I thought I would build on a sentence (or stanza) that came to me this morning while walking Goldie. Hope you like it!

Sunday Morning Freestyle

What a funny thing you see
The sun smiling down at me
Long before many will rise
Wiping the sleep from their eyes
I feel a calmness inside
My being letting go of pride
I once wore as a badge of honor
That still denied what I am her for
The chill I can feel on my right
While blanketed through the night
I can tell this is very different
Than what I told myself I meant
Still I remember the sun shining down
Beckoning me to turn around
Offering to warm my back
To replace the coziness I lack
Yet I still find no reprieve
From the wind causing a cold breeze
I can feel throughout my chest
Though my jacket is zipped up to my neck
But it reminds me of one thing
That I breathe and can still feel longing
Longing for something I know
Will come and cradle my soul

Til next time,


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