Sunday, May 1, 2016

Perspective...we all have our own.

Hello Luvs,

Papa Bear and Baby Boy...
With the weekend almost over I thought I would do a blog about a quick moment of inquisitiveness I felt the other day. 
Wonderful blur of the day! Happened
by accident while reaching to get
something out of my shoe.

We all have ways of seeing things. Whether we see the positive or negative, each way is unique to us. You could be a person who looks for the negative in another just to make yourself feel better...being purely ego driven. You could be a person who looks for the positive spirit in others and realizes that we all have our imperfections and remain a work in progress throughout our lives. When we look in the mirror we see all that is wrong or remain in denial of the ways we could improve. The mind is such a beautiful thing that can lead us astray or gently guide us toward a better path.
The fam at the look out stop.

Look what I found!
Someone chalked the earth
on the overhanging rock.
Having a conversation with the Hubster the other day. I started to think about what he saw. Meaning....looking across the table from me what did he literally see. Did he see someone who was pleased about taking control of a troubling skin condition? A wife who has put on a few pounds? Someone who is in pain daily but managing? Does he see a smiling soul looking back at him? His perspective is his own, and that is what struck me as being beyond amazing. That the way I thought of myself could be the polar opposite of his...or it would align.

What they saw....
We are individuals formed by our upbringing and the people we have around us as we forge our paths. Some of us choose to see life in a different way than those before us. We work daily toward breaking a mold that no longer works. Yes, we take the good, but we leave behind the bad (at least we try) because we have learned that it led to disfunction for previous generations. Some chose to go the same route while others (the Hubster and me included) have veered a different way. Not to say our way is the best, but it works for us in a way that we feel is not only best for us but our children, the environment, the people who glide in and out of personal orbits.

Dragonfly found by Baby Boy.

What a spot!
So, when going out into the world how do you want to be percieved? I know that there are those whom you will not be able to shine a light toward, because they have decided not to see positives. You might have a different life philosophy or difficult history which makes it really hard. However, you do have some control of the example you show/model for your children, loved ones, and those you come across in your journey of life. Will you be a light? Or will you allow your preconceived perceptions taint what just might be truly special moments in your life? We can step out each day with the will to see good, do good, and share good moments. There will be bad moments of course, but it all depends on how you let them affect you.

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Up close...
P.S. I have placed pictures throughout of our trip to Raven Rock State Park. ENJOY!

Have mud will travel....

**Interesting enough...after we visited Duke Gardens today we were walking across the lane and a couple stopped us and asked if we were at Raven Rock Park. The conversation went like this:

"Hi there, didn't we see you yesterday. You were at Raven, right?"
"Yes, we were..."
"Well, your greeting was just so genuine (it was the Hubster) and real that I remembered saying, Gee he would be someone I would like to have as a friend. You all looked like the nicest family!"
--Thank you's were said--
"Now for in the future..."then we all officially met and exchanged names and how wild it was that we ran across each other an hour away from where we lived and then just managed to be coming and going from the same place at the same time.

Now...tell me how your light does not affect perception. WILD!!!!


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