Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ode to Rain...

Hello Luvs,

These stones come to life with rain...
Going to take a stab at a poem dedicated to the crazy rain we are experiencing today. I believe that it is officially a rain storm...YAY RAIN! Enjoy....

To Rain.....

Still inside and dry 
I feel you
The gentle thumps and pings
That remind me of LIFE
What we need to survive
With your love they grow
Up strong and plentiful
Never really needing the sought after
Green thumb
While the edge of my ear
Is tickled from the sound
Urging me to look outside
In a straightforward way
To witness you hitting the ground
The possibility you bring
For your drops that will lead
To a time of plenty
Ready for even more green...
I will not curse your arrival
For I know you are temporary
You leave us without a goodbye
But instead flowers
That wave a quick "Hi!"
So keep going, keep pounding 
Doing your thing
I will wait to find out
What tomorrow you'll bring

Til next time,


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