Thursday, May 19, 2016

North Carolina Botanical Gardens...

Hello Luvs,

I almost skipped the blog today, but as I went to put the computer away I realized just how much I wanted to share the beauty and serenity I experienced. Dependning on where you are located geographically you might be reading this in the am. If you are I wish you good morning. 

In my part of the world it is almost ten in the evening. So, I will keep this blog on the short side. Because there were so many beautiful things to take in I thought that the blog would simply be me sharing some pictures with captions (and yes, the titles are not the real ones). More than likely you will see them again more in depth when I share them on Instagram/Twitter (@katsmeoww11) or facebook ( Following me would be the best way to ensure that you do not miss a picture/video down the line.

Here are the pics:
Small pine trees cry raindrops
that gleam in the morning light.

The path that leads to our
winding circle.

The bridge video can be found on instagram/twitter

You saw our we come to the heaven within.

This beauty is from The Long
Leafed Magnolia Tree
The smell? DIVINE!
The historic Paul Green House just down the path.

I see...'Hands Toward the Sky'

My friend unmasked then reborn?

No filter needed!

The wood grain reframed in the mind...  


Danny...can you hear me?

        Look at that METAL face/head! Seriously wow!

The pitcher plant....

There is sooo much more...I will share soon!

Til next time,


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