Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Never Too Late...

Hello Luvs,

This ode was brought about by a conversation I had today with a complete stranger who believed that she had no chance to change things. In response I told her that I feel that it is never too late if you truly want to be a better person.
As we glow from within and float with the wind...

Never Too Late

A heart full of possessions
Is not full at all
And blows with the wind
Truth's hollow
But if this heart seeks redemption
It's never too late
Because you now believe
There can be beauty hidden within

I live by the motto that my life is and will forever be an endless lesson. A lesson that teaches us how to navigate through the world (which includes interactions with others, empathy for your fellow Human Beings, and the footprint we leave behind for future generations). As a village of Humanity it is our repsonsibility to never stop trying...never subscribe to the belief that we are lost causes, and to contstantly pay it forward in a way that hopefully leaves the world a little better because you were here.

Til next time,


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