Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This lovely greeted us
at the start of the trail.
Hello Luvs,
Tree buck laying down
and resting....
Today was a day for family and the appreciation shown to those that have helped to nuture and give us a good start in life. One thing I want to express is a big thing in my opinion....celebrating those we love and admire SHOULD NOT be shown how much they mean on a specific day. The money machine wants us to spend and spend when we could instead show them anytime via note, phone call, surprise floral delivery, or by saying it straight to them. 

Of course many have relationships that are put it mildly. You might not speak, or they have decided to write you off for some reason. Whatever it is that makes for a taxed relationship we must still remember that there was something biological that happened. 

For me, the obstacle is to acknowledge the good and learn from the bad. Ultimately we are here because of two people....our Mothers and Fathers. Even if you are adopted, marry in to, or decided to adopt them (I have a friend whose mother is considered my second mother). In our lifetime we witness over and over the fact that we are all human...even our Mothers. Having the tools to raise a well adjusted, kind, passionate, person is not an inherent thing. Maybe they faced an uphill battle becuase they were not shown how to have healthy relationships or how to bring out the best in their child. We must always remember that. 
Baby Girl doing her part.
Luv this perspective!

Picking up garbage left behind...
Now...for ALL THE LOVELY MOTHERS I am beyond lucky to have in my life I say thank you. You have shown me how to be kind to myself, nurturing, empathetic, and how to find the joy and humor in many taxing situations. You have shaped me into a Woman who knows her strengths and aims to improve herself. The part you have played is beyond measure, and I love each and every one of you. Whether we are related by blood, bonded when experiencing the adventure in our young adult lives, connected via social media, or just led by example when I saw your interaction with your child in the grocery store....THANK YOU!
Just call Baby Boy the beetle rescuer!

Bug...bugs everywhere!
Lastly, today was about sleeping in, grabbing my favorite coffee drink, hiking in a state park, and good food.....all done with the Hubster and the kiddos. We have never been the type of people/parents to go the traditional route and today was an example of how following our own path can lead to bliss. 

Throughout the blog are pictures I took today. I have loaded a few more along with video on instagram (@katsmeoww11). Please follow me so you never miss them (I have been singing on a few lately)! You never know what I will add....
Outdoor Ampitheatre looking out
on the water.

A fish and its shadow...

Til next time,


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