Monday, May 2, 2016

In Pace.....

Hello Luvs,

Hope you like today's rambling words....they were brought about by the walk the Hubster and I took today at The N.C. Botanical Gardens. When you read it don't is not literal. The Hubster did not leave me behind. It is simply where the piece led me. ENJOY!

In Pace

As You walk ahead
I fall behind
Heartbeats reminding me
Of what is left
To find...unkempt
Felt as if my pace matched....
even though they aren't as slow as
they are made out to be.
My steps quicken
Yet I am still anchored in place
The wind blowing through the trees
Confuses me
Then turns me around...headed northeast
As I call ahead
There is no sound
No echo, no whisper, no shouts
From me....yet still
The birds call down are turned around
I find this pace
Much too difficult
Yet I climb and avoid
The roots that threaten me
With a face plant or to be stuck in mud
Is where I'll be....still here
Being Me

Til next time,


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