Monday, May 23, 2016

I Feel You....

Hello Luvs,

Today finds me reaching the 13,000 hit mark in a leap and bound! Huge thanks to you for continuing to visit and read my ramblings. This is indeed a vehicle of expressing my frustrations, fears, joy, sense of community, and love of all the wonderful things this life has to offer. It doesn't just start and end with music. There is art (performance art included), nature, relationships, interactions with people in passing, and the charge we feel when we are able to do what we truly love.

I thought I would try to offer up my ode to this way of being. To the others around who feed me their energy...whether it be positive of negative. As always...the words are my own, and I never truly know where they will lead. With your permission I will take you along with me. ENJOY!

I Feel You....
As in nature, we grow toward light
and it illuminates us.

On the back of my neck 
Runs the line that you left
Clear across the room
I can sense your gaze
You wonder what I see
What you could possibly need
From me...nothing more than 
A friendly "Hello"
All your thoughts 
Begin to water down
You try to hold it in
To no avail
But no matter Luv
For when we look
We both see the promise
Of freedom, expression, and being
Being the person you long to be
Not what seeps and forms
Into the knot others left to bleed
Because you see
I feel you....
I know the dreams
That bring a smile
The lightning bolt
That comes straight down
To the heart of the matter
That you are worthy
Of ALL you could possibly seek
And I will help
When you express the need....

Til next time,


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