Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How Nature can help us be in the moment....even when we try not to be.

Hello Luvs,

Nature's umbrella....!
Today was a day when my mind rambled on. Focus was difficult to find...even though I meditated in the morning I still caught myself thinking of moments in the past that had a different outcome. Not sure why, but i am sure the reasoning will come when it needs to.

Imagined in winter
In the past I have found that being out in nature seems to quiet this mind. Being forced to be in the moment. I am away from checking social media, emails that call at me to return them, and the bustle of either cars or buses. Tonight as a family we will most likely go back to the outer trails surrounding the Botanical Gardens. It will be a reprieve for me.

Twig buck lying down to rest.
So, what helps to calm your mind and worries? Does hearing birds and the wind blow the trees to and fro make you look up and around? Will trying to navigate around mud spots left by recent rainfall cause you to look carefully at the placement of your feet and balance your body? Would trash left behind my others appeal to the part of you who wants to keep this special place beautiful for future visitors? If you answered yes to any and/or all of these then you are(were) in the moment at that particular time. It happens when what you are focused on whether it is touch, sound, or caution you have no choice but to be in the moment. What a wonderfully glorious thing the mind is!

Add raindrops=ART!
I leave with this...when driving think about how your hands feel on the wheel. When you are walking focus on how the pavement or path feel beneath your feet. When sitting at your desk pay attention to the breaths you are taking. For example, the rising and lowering of your chest or stomach. When lying in bed focus on how your head feels on the pillow. These will help...I know that for me, once I decided to do these things I very quickly felt calmer and more serene. The world did not slow down by any means, but I became more available to notice and take it in.

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