Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Living Things.....

Hello Luvs,

So you find me writing another blog again....really inspired by the state of where we live and the living beings that surround us. In awe is quite simply not enough.  Am taking a stab at an ode to butterflies, tadpoles, fish, dragonflies, and all the other wiggley things we see around us at this time of year? Ya bet ya!

Wings glimmer
Buzzing around my ears
The sound that barely registers
As you come in and out of the water
Some might consider you a pest, or an object for their collection
What you do for me....?
The sun smiles at YOU!
You remind me to stop in place
Look around 
And walk the other way
Can the fact that I can see through you 
Make you less of a threat
That you hold every color I favor 
Makes me less likely
Jump, squirm, or step in the water ankle deep
Your brethren are so much like you
They pounce and glide
They land on the waters edge
But much too quickly leave my side
My hand lands on a tree
And find you slimy underneath
Yet your sheer exterior says again
Do not be afraid or pensive
It's just another day in your life
A day to embrace living things
With your own eyes

L shaped branch reminded me of...
L is for the way you look tonight.

Til next time,


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