Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pay Attention

Happy Wednesday Luvs,

Hope all is well. I do want to thank you for popping on. Knowing that others are reading and possibly sharing these posts does a heart good. Yes, this blog is for me to vent, inspire, share questions/statements about this crazy thing we call Humanity, and express my mood through fashion. Knowing someone else is possibly going through something similar helps each of us feel that we are not alone. Instead we are united through circumstance and life experience.

So, I am going to take a stab at writing something along that always, I would love some feedback in the comment section or through other social media outlets.
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Here is goes.

Pay Attention

Wake up!
I tell myself
This nightmare has no end
I read 
Then cry
Than smile
At the growth unmeasured then remeasured
By most
When I pay attention
I know that you are hear
The Looking, whispering, and judging
But is it me or
Our sons
For more often 
Than not
I see examples
Of a better flowing stream
Headed for pitfalls
That threaten to erase
The bad
That's been done
Bright souls who look
At the past as
A turnaround
And instead head west
Embracing a setting sun
That promises a different
One where flowers grow and
Inspire the soul
To lean toward
The nightmares reborn
As that ideal of NO
Is unspun

Til next time,


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