Saturday, May 28, 2016

Family Time at The Eno River

Hello Luvs,

Safe travels build we found
at our first stop.
Today finds those of us who reside in the United States in the midst of a holiday weekend. Traffic patterns yesterday conveyed that because going to the store and/or gas station took three times longer. Since we are enjoying day trips so much we only had to experience part of that. Whew....we're glad to avoid it whenever possible. If you are traveling this weekend, "Safe travels."
This beautiful shade of moss
was found throughout the hike.

We are now at the two week mark. Soon we will be departing for Canada. The plan (if oyu are new to the blog) is to stay til the third week in June. From that point we might end up staying longer or returning to North Carolina for one more school year. The trip to Canada will be an official trail of living the experience of home/road schooling. As we do so you will be part of that by either my vlogs or blogs. I might also do some periscopes. If you have yet to follow now is a good time to do so. 

This naturally made 'X
marks the spot' was really
Next we take on thinning our possessions down even further. Living here has shown us just what we need and don't need. I know speaking for myself...that everytime I do it I feel even more liberated. I really love playing around with fashion, so that is my problem area. For Baby Girl and Boy it is both books and stuffed animals. The Hubster? Well, he has always had few possessions, so he will not need to thin much further...if at all.

The search for crawfish was on!
Saw some REALLY BIG ones!
When discussing what to do today we knew we wanted to experience (that is what it should in the moment and enjoying just being) another outdoor family activity. We all woke up well after 9 (must have need sleep!) and decided to stay closer. It was either going hiking in Duke Forest or checking out Eno River. The Eno won out. 
Now back in Orange County...

Found these interesting...we switched counties!
I didn't realize when taking
the picture that there was
an arc of light. Do you see it?
At first we thought the trail looked a little rough, but once we started down the trail we liked it more and more. There was a significant amount of shade, (brought my parasol just in case) and the distance was just perfect. Just doing the loop found us at almost four miles (not counting water play). We stopped at a few different destinations. The first was Bobbitt's Hole. The water level by the rocks was not too deep. However, the rocks were very slippery. We had not planned for getting in the water, so we did not bring bathing suits or water shoes. Baby Boy seems to always prefer going barefoot so I wore his crocs (yes....he has the same size foot!). They worked perfectly, and I was able to walk around with ease. The spot was not too crowded which was great for us. The other spots were well suited for young children, and there were lots of families taking advantage of them.
The light reflected on the water
made this image surreal!

One thing we like to do is pop into the visitor's center. The one for the Eno put it nicely underwhelming. Both the lack of acknowledgment by the woman at the desk and the actual center were disappointing. Luckily the water spot we hikied down to from there made up for it. There was a rapids area (very quickly moving water) where lots of rocks had settled. I ended up hanging out with a tremendously beautiful butterfly while the rest of the family went in. The little cutie stayed around me til another group came then fluttered away. I was lucky enough to snap some great pictures.

An oasis of green surrounded by
little fish!
The only bummer was Baby Boy slipping forward and getting wet up to his chest. I hesitate to phrase it in a negative light because doing that allowed him to take off his shirt and go all they way in. He was so happy afterwards. All he needed to do was dry off. I don't think he had even after our dinner at The Q-Shack in Durham. Because it was so warm it probably kept him cool. We sat outside and had spicey wings, brisket, creamed spinach, fries, and hushpuppies (I did not have any of the hushpuppies because they have onions). You should definitely pop in if you are in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. It is lip smackin' good! 

This was taken in the area
that was tot friendly.
Now we sit down for a movie together. It has been an exhausting/refreshing/joyful day, and I would not have had it any other way.

Til next time,


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