Sunday, May 22, 2016

Can We Actually Sense Negativity in a Room?

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Happy Sunday to you....! I was going to do a blog about our trip yesterday to Hanging Rock State Park, however I thought I'd blog about something else. I will definitely share pictures (a few throughout today's), video, and a rating for the Park (in regard to how family friendly it is) throughout the week. So don't fret...and read on.

Instead I would like to quickly give my two cents about how the energy of a room can affect you. Have you ever had a time when you walked into a room, store, coffee shop, etc. and felt the energy stop? Not only did it stop, but it ran over and promptly slapped you in the face! Where you know (obviously) that everyone is not talking/thinking/reacting towards or about you and that you did not introduce any of this into the room. Still, it greets and surrounds you. 

I ask this because I feel that the energy of others can have a positive or negative affect on you. You walk into somewhere and it seems alive. People are at a comfortable level of interaction and you can feel it in your bones. When this happens to be a negative (and yes, you can call a vibe) which makes you want to be anywhere but there. No one can fool themselves into thinking that they can change everyone around them or change the energy that existed before? Right? Well, that is the big question!
Panoramic view from one of the overlooks at the top of our most challenging climbs. WHEW!
I have experienced both sides of the coin. Where the person comes in and they bring with them an overwhelming sense of light. I have also been in situations where there is a person who seems to suck the energy right out of the room. Most of the time the person does not realize they are doing this....while some know and thrive on it.

Natures bird bath.
So, what are we to do about this when we find ourselves knee deep in it. Whether it is positive (there can be folks who are waaaay over the top) or negative I have found that it helps to step away. Whether you choose to go outside to get some fresh air, transfer yourself to another side of the room, or split it all depends on just how sensitive you are to it.

I am affected to a small extent while the Hubster is extremely sensitive. Finding a balance so both of us are comfortable is tricky. More times than not we follow the Eckhart solution and not surround ourselves with someone we know tends to offer up their own brand of negitivity.

How do you handle it? In this tricky thing we call life the decisions we make can affect us both mentally and physically. Ultimately, WE ALL need to find ways to navigate in the best way possible for ourselves without leaving that contrail of judgement behind.

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