Friday, May 13, 2016

30 Minute Meal with Minimal Chopping Necessary PROMISE!

Hello Luvs,

If seems as if the week decided to knock me down and roll right over me! Did it feel that way for you? Of course it was chuck full of wonderful memories and moments...but it still seems like it is only Wednesday!

Anyhow, I am deviating from my recent blogs because I felt the need to share with you a quick meal that anyone can make. It is both healthy and filling. With a small trick you can make it cascade and look restaurant prepared. Don't believe me? Well, keep readin'.

Lately I have found myself shopping at Aldi more and more. There are many organic (and reasonably priced) options for meat and non-meat eaters. The produce is pretty good on a consistent basis (also reasonably priced options available) and the salads can be just what the doctor ordered. However, I do pick up my tofu elsewhere because we did not care for the taste of the tofu sold there.

The meal I made tonight was a veggie stir fry with toasted tofu over a bed of rice. Below is all you need to make this wonderfully delicious (no NOT Lucky Charms!) meal in under 30 minutes. I walk you through it step by step. You might find me going off on tangents, but please bear with me....

-1 1/2 cup jasmine rice 
Rice-so easy to make and extra fluffy naturally.

-3 cups water
-1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil/ additional tablespoon for stir fry
-half block of extra firm tofu (more if you tend to like lots. If you do then double the amount of oil)
-pepper (grinder or preground)
-salt to taste (usually add just a pinch to mine)
-1 tsp garlic
-package of frozen vegetable stir fry (I usually buy a large package to use with the other half of the tofu block)
-sauce pan w/lid
-large frying pan
-small frying pan
-cutting board
-measuring cup (I used the 1/2 cup)
Next up-tofu...starting to brown!

Pour rice in sauce pan, then add water. Let it come to a slow boil then cover with lid for 20 minutes. I usually set the timer for 10 minutes then start to cook the tofu when it goes off. Reset the timer for an additional 10 minutes.

Warm the olive oil over medium heat in the small frying pan, then add the pepper, salt, and garlic.

While waiting for the oil to warm cut up the tofu into cubes. That is your only chopping Luvs! 

Side Note: I usually buy the at Trader Joes. But you should try to find it wherever you can, at the best quality, (meaning no words you cannot understand because that is just so wrong on many levels) and at the best price you can. Most stores have a section that offers options. The plus is that I have enough for an additional meal! 
This stir fry has tons of yummy veggies and noodles!

Add the tofu to the oil and stir gently until the cubes seem to be covered with the oil. Turn/stir occasionally until you notice that the tofu has started to brown along the edges. When it does...reduce the heat to low and continue cooking

Once tofu is added...
While the tofu is browning a little more and the rice is still cooking follow the directions on the packaging of the stir fry. When the vegetables seem almost warmed through add the tofu and continue until cooked thoroughly.

Basic item transforms the dish!
Check should be done around now. I lean it to the side and watch for water to come from under. If there is then cook for 1 additional minute at a time. If are ready to plate your meal.

Using the measuring cup scoop out rice evening it out on the inside of the pan. Place over plate and turn over. Your rice should come out onto the plate in the shape of the cup. Spoon tofu/veggie stir fry onto the rice starting from the top and allowing it to cascade to the side.

Absolutely delicious!
There ya go....have fun making this meal! I will share others when the urge arises. If you have any requests (my frittata or enchiladas maybe?) please reach out.

Til next time,


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