Saturday, April 2, 2016

When I Leave....

Hello Luvs,

Happy Saturday! I hope that your week has gone well. Have not really blogged for a few days, and thought that I would do one of my poems that happens in the moment. It starts off with a theme of leaving the oasis my family and I have experienced this past week. I have treasured this time and it has allowed a reprieve from all the things that life has thrown at us. Utilizing Airbnb is a way to take on the chores (meals) you would like to do and not when you want to just relax (meaning NO dishes! hehe). Let's see how it goes....ENJOY!

When I Leave

The ball of thoughts gently
finding their way out

When I leave the wind follows
Gently guiding me toward the destination
That binds me
To the now, when I am needed
Toward the journey I am fighting
What happended to the doubt
The ocean air has simply
Washed it out
Cleaned out my wounds
And lessoned the frown lines
Brought about by worries
Try to clear from my mind
You can bet that there are temptations
                                  I will find 
That reoccur in the whirlwind of my mind
Trying to become 
Who I am meant to be
This time has reminded me
No matter what way you look
we all need to grow BEFORE life changes!
I am what I need
I change and bleed
From egdes and openings
To live for the moment
When all is not what it seems
As my dreams change my
worries wash away...
When I thought it was only a dream I leave, simply wave to me
Wish me well and blow me
Toward a blissful state of being

Til next time,


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