Saturday, April 9, 2016

Update on Nomadic Lifestyle

Hello Luvs,

Our lovely airbnb cottage...
Hope all is well. I thought that I would update you regarding where we stand in our current airbnb and our next move. Well, still at our two bedroom cottage. The size does seem to fit us well STILL. The location is better than we initially thought and we take advantage of Merritt's down the road. We returned to blooming bushes and trees. Driving through the neighborhood is lilac heaven...with the smell bringing an instant smile to our faces.

That does point out that the amount of space needed is subjective. Having a large house is more maintenance (which I am really appreciating cleaning only one bathroom), not conducive for actually seeing your family, and worse for the environment. Smaller spaces are a movement right now, and it is easy to see why. If you are concerned about the environment yet rarely see your children once they come home....going straight to their room a smaller space might be just the ticket.

Right now we are attacking our plans from two sides. We have been looking for an airbnb close to Quebec City. The idea of visiting is exciting for the whole family. There have been quite a bit that are a little ways away and several that are in Old Quebec. Finding the right one will be easier (I believe) because we have even more experience with how to pick out a good space. If you live in the area and have any recommendations I would appreciate it.

Who couldn't get used to this view?
So, do we still plan to home school? We are leaning toward it for our son. We feel strongly that he will benefit from a non-traditional school approach. Sending him to a school that we have to pay for is not an option. Baby Girl wants to finish out middle school at the same school. Barring any change in stance on her end we will be back in the fall to enable her to attend.

Now about living arrangements....we might have a line on funds to buy an drivable RV. That is our best case scenario that we will try to reach. If it happens before the school year ends we will not do an airbnb but instead use that. If it happens later then we will return and find a good spot to house it. We will live there through the school year. Finding out where that will be is a task upon itself. I will let you know how that is goes.
Birthday bliss...

It is funny how many "Are you crazzzzzy?" comments I still get. Nowadays people should be able to voice support for anothers choice even if it is not what they would choose for themselves. So you prefer to own your own home...good. You would never see yourself moving until your children graduate from high school....once again good for you. You are a person who needs to be close in proximity to your more time...good for you. I am sure that you see where I am going. Finding your balance and standard for living is your priority just as finding a place for our children to thrive is ours. What works for one person more than likely is not what works for another.
We came home to beautiful blooms.

I have been thinking of starting to periscope again. If you would like to be able to converse with me think about following me @katsmeoww11. I would love the chance to have in the moment conversations that allow you to ask me specific things I have not covered in the blog.

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