Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Feeling...

Hello Luvs,

As I lay here there is a certain sense of clam that I am feeling. There is a poem just aching to get out. Shall we see what little wonder is in this mind? Yeah! Why not....

This Feeling....

As I lay here there is a clearer sense of me
Not the impression others have claimed to be
Courtesy of QuoteGram....
More calm and serene than I've been in a while
Trying to adjust to someone else's style
Because that is not true for me
With all the madness and trials I've seen
Thrown adrift searching for land
Or simply another's outstretched hand

As I lay her I am not
Simply a Black Woman
Simply a Mother
Simply a Daughter
Simply a Teacher
Simply a Storyteller
Simply a Musician
Simply a Business Owner
Simply an Artist
Simply a Poet

What I am is a daydreamer  (well sometimes!) realist
One who aims to be all those things
A student with an open mind
Who feels that there are many lessons to learn
Toward growth, empathy, compassion, inclusivity
And clearness of tangled and crocked mind
Struggling to change it for the better
Becuase there is no other option

Til next time,


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