Friday, April 15, 2016

Summer plans locked in...and taking on my meandering blog of the day!

Hello Luvs,
My view when meditating...

Well, I had my first class at a new school, and it was AMAZING! I love inspiring young minds to go for it in regard to embracing music. I cannot wait to see them again next week!!!!
Before I fill you in about our next Airbnb destination I wanted to write about something that is really bugging me. Using this blog as a vehicle in which express frustrations, joys, adventures, poems, and fashion choices (just to name a few) has become rewarding for my soul. It is something I encourage more to do. Writing a published blog is not for everyone, however writing down your feelings even in a notebook can be both healing and liberating.

The bright orange leaves
that seem to reach the sky!
Princess Goldie will miss these pillows!

That being said, the Hubster received a communication from a relative who stated that he read 'my meandering blog that was cryptic about our next step, and tht this might be our next step'. Then he went on to question our decision. Ok, what does that mean? AND....where does he get off even sending something so negative? He doesn't have it like that! He is not a confidant or person that has ANY say so in our decisions. That has been very clear for a long time.  

I have not been shy about our plans, because I am beyond excited to tackle a lifestyle that the Hubster and I feel will be beneficial for our family. To make a statment about a blog that no one has obligated him or her to read is dumbfounding. I enjoy knowing that others might relate to and/or giggle when reading the blog. Simple put....if someone does not appreciate what I am offering in regard to content they DO NOT have to read it. I have followed then unfollowed blogs when I lost interest or thought a certain part was not my bag. It's called free will. Add to that the fact that family is supposed to wish you well and support you when you are trying to grow and have a positive affect on the world around you. To find that something I very proud of is being picked apart reaches a new low. I guesss I should be happy to know that they have helped me reach well over 12,000 hits. Yet somehow it is both creepy and purposeful on their end. Going out of your way to be unkind takes more effort. Yeah, I could be making a mountain out of a mohill, but if you knew the relationship (or lack of) you would reach the same conclusion....that it fits right into their previous behaviour.
The tall trees that surrounded us.

Our move to where we reside currently was/is all about the kids. Have we second guessed that decision...yes. Have we thought that the decision has sometimes led to unhealthy negativity...once again, yes. That is why we oftentimes subscribe to Eckhart Tolle's mindset. My life has less negative aspects than it did in the past. I can no longer hold it in and that is a good thing. I have to get it out, realize what it is, then meditate on it...hopefully realizing that these actions say more about them than it does us. You can still hold someone in a certain regard without choosing to be around them. Friend or family that offer up negative interactions and passive aggressive shots toward me and my family have no place in what we are trying to accomplish. This is part of my growth as a person. I am sure that a lot of you know of which I speak because you have experienced something similar. Knowing when something is not healthy and making a choice to go the other way. To go in a direction that allows our family to escape situations that do not benefit you, but instead guides you toward a more positive existence.
Heavenly bright hues abound...!

Ok, enough about that! Suppose I had more to say than I thought...Whew! 

I am VERY EXCITED to let you know that for two months we will be staying in a mountain home close a river in Quebec, Canada (north of Quebec City). We will have easy access to a lake, horseback riding (which Baby Girl loves), and tons of hiking. There will be days trips for sure! Paying less in rent and having less expenses is even better! Experiencing a sabbatical that gives us an outdoorsy invigorating experience rings sublime. I will share more details in the near future. And of course I will blog about it all. It will be a blast, and we are all so excited. I would love to hear from any of you who are familiar with the area and have recommendations. Nothing like finding out about local places that are off the beaten path and need visiting. Probably should know a little more French too. Anyone have recommendations of key phrases/sentences I should know so I'm not insulting anyone....?

As always, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this....

Til next time,


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