Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Ideal Sunday!

Hello Luvs,

We are now capping off the weekend, and mine flew by! Did it feel that way to you? Trying to live in the moment does help some. Never taking anything for granted helps us appreciate life and the very simplest of activities. Pretty sure I missed out on a lot of wonderful experiences when I did not have this philosophy. Noticing the flowers when they bloom then wither or the layers of green outside your front door can never be overlooked. These are the heart happy moments when your soul receives a recharge.

Needed to take a moment to analyze why I lost it a couple of days ago. Part of it was witnessing how much the negativity being sent our way was affecting the Hubster. I went into a protective mode, and I was not ok with how it made him feel. Have you ever had a time when you witnessed cruelty and it affected you physically? That is what it did to me. 

Being a work in progess which will continue throughout my life I am going to have times where I slip. I should not let such things get under my skin...but I did. My warrior heart will do just that...go into battle mode. That has always been part of my personality. Whether it is family, friend, child, or mature woman needing assistance but being ignored. I want to help, comfort, and advocate for them. If I am willing to stand up for someone outside my bubble then you can only imagine what happens when it is a loved one. I believe that representing or advocating for others in our village (Human Beings) is our responsibility to do whenever we can. I know that I cannot be everywhere all at once. That is why this philosophy needs to spread. There are others who feel this way...let's grow this shared consciousness!

The entrance into the Center.
First thing said? Whoa!
So, let me tell you about our weekend. Yesterday we went to the Raleigh Convention Center for the Oak City Comic Con. We left for it after lunchtime, and I think it was a good decision. I tried to follow the Hubster's lead regarding parking. Since he had to work I did the driving. When we got within two blocks parking was craaazzzzy! There were parking structures and lots but they were expensive. I looked for spots for about 10 minutes. When I was about to give up (and after having a family with youngsters cross right in front of us after our light had turned green-SCARY!) I decided to drive back down toward another parking deck. As I drive slowly toward the block just before the Center a person pulled out of the perfect spot. SCORE! To top if off, the person if front of us had a Bernie sticker, and a car charging station was just before that. Luv it that I am beginning to see more and more of these stations around. We hope that our next vehicle after the Prius will be an electric car.

When we went into the buiding we were greeted by a line that was about 100 people long. It was the line to buy tickets. Luckily Baby Girl suggested that we buy the tickets at our favorite conic book store (Ultimate Comics). We went straight in...another score. Wow! the new venue was amazing. They held it at a hotel last year, and it was a little rough. The Convention Center was cool. For some reason I was not taking pictures and realized it only after we were back on the elevator to leave. To be blunt...large crowds are not my bag. Especially when adults lose it and step in front of kiddos (not necessarily mine) and basically block them. As we learn what situations do not work for us we come to the conclusion that some are not worth it.... I was there for the kiddos, and they saw a lot of cool costumes and merch. The funny thing about it was that after a short bit Baby Boy who was hugging my arm (he actually started doing this more often...makes me so happy!) and said, "I am not too comfortable here. Can we go soon?" He is so much like me! We did not stay too long, but enjoyed people watching while we were there. I did get a shot of when we arrived and we looked down at the Convention area below...and yes, that is Baby Boy's fro.
When you walk out the front
door and look up.
The view from my favorite chair.
Luv drinking my morning coffee here.

Today was all about family...not that yesterday was not. However, the Hubster was with us too. We decided that we would walk up to campus. It is about a 1.5 miles to the Auckland Museum and we started there. Of course I had my handy yellow parasol with me, and the rest of the family had their new crocs on. I broke the riues and wore my Rider walking shoes. It was a beautiful walk. Lots of flowers, birds, and squirrels to keep us oohing and ahhing all along the way. There were some pictures I took that caught my eye at the Museum. One was of a refugee camp in Nigeria. With the dire conditions documented in the picture I could not believe what was shown in the distance. There were people smiling! In those circumstances they still had community and joy. It struck a chord in my heart and pulled it like a panther tearing apart his prey. The other is of three nude statues with four helicopters overheard. The juxtoposition is amazing. Caught a science show at Morehead Planetarium and walked home by way of the Kenan Stadium.
Look up Ladies!
Baby Girl's pic on the way.

What a of the best we have had recently. Probably about five miles walked. I could not have asked for more.

Thanks for reading...

Til next time,

Heart stirring!

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