Thursday, April 7, 2016

Looking Up...

Hello Luvs,

Happy Thursday! I know I missed a What the? Wednesday post. I will make it up next week with two different pics from two different times. It will give you an idea of just how fast my fashion shifts. Never is it persuaded by fads. Unless I am the one starting it! HINT! HINT!

Until then I hope that my musings tide you over. This piece coming at you is inspired by drive and how it made me feel.

Looking Up
This bird can sing!-courtesy of
Vector Illustration

As I rushed around I ached with the feeling
That I was missing something...
The wind caused the leaves to sway
Window mohawk sprayed
Around my face, touching my cheeks
And poking my eyes
Still I did not mind
The sun I looked away from
Memories of those moments of time
When I had none
The radio blaring Billy Idol
Memories flood my mind
Because I remember the time
When I had none
For then my mind no longer wandered
I could feel the steering wheel
Kool Kats Swayin'
Under my finders
I could feel where my body connected
With the seat...then my feet
No longer aching from the hours
When I had none
I felt the rush change to slo-motion
I see the car to my left
The person staring at me
Then I realized that I was caught in a moment
When my cares and my worries
Gave way to the song
A song that reminded
That I am no longer in a time
When I had none....

Til next time,


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