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Joyful Music Moments......!

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For a few weeks I have tried to take a stab at regularity of content. Whether it was what has come and gone for me as a lover of fashion to attempts that now leave me guessing what I was thinking. It did not last long. Though I really enjoy sharing some of my styling phases, I have found setting it for a particular day just doesn't work for me in order to stay authentic. I will still share these things when they hit me. 

Writing this blog is theraputic for me, and my hope is that others might find something in it they identify with. Knowing someone else is going through something similar to you helps. It is a way to know that you are not along. With that being said, please reach out if and/or when you need to. You can shoot me a comment below with your contact information.

So, today I wanted to write about two experiences I have had in the last couple of days that both relate to music. They both reinforce my belief in the healing power of music along with the way it can bring a specific energy to even the youngest among us.

This is sooo true!
One of the schools I teach at on Wednesdays has a special visitor every week I am there. The founder of the church (rather her caregiver) reached out to see if she could check out a class. She is  very mature in age and has some signs which show it. At the very first class she came to she was smiling and laughing, She also participated in some of the activities while seated at the edge. Afterward I was told by her caregiver that this is the first a long time...when they have seen her be so animated and joyful. Joyful is a big mark to reach. It is a heart happy word that is contagious. You have to really fight it if someone you know is feeling joyful and not be affected. When she came again she stayed for two classes. She was singing along and participating in everything (once again in her chair). I tear up as I write this because I am remembering just how happy, excited, and radiant she was. Usaully when I think of being able to touch the spirit of a mature person it is music that is specific to a certain decade(s). She was being affected by our in the moment original compositions. If the mood is right there tends to be quite a bit of it....all depending on the energy of the class. At her visit yesterday she was waiting at the door for me to come in. She stayed again for two classes, and stood while doing our parachute activity! Music is medicine and it soothes many ailments. Seeing this on a regalar basis solidifies that for me. I am not the only who knows this. We have to make sure that it is embraced and it's wonders are shared with all who will listen.

This is especially true for me!
Today was another one of those days when two hours seems like ten minutes and you leave a place with a permagrin. Walking into a school in which I teach one day a month and seeing just how excited and attentive the children are solidifies the fact that I have one of the best jobs in the world. One class in particular sings a song that I wrote for Mo Willems 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!'. I initially sang it while playing bongos, and the rhythm is fairly basic. We start with pigeon and switch to other animals like elephants, giraffes, tigers, hippos, chickens, and to my amazement they have also been singing pickles (do not even try to figure that out..the cuteness abounds!). This song is something that has stuck with them since my very first visit. Keep in mind that I have only had this client for about six months, and I visit each group of 4 classes every other month. To have them embrace it so thoroughly once again tells me....I have the best job in the world! One of their teachers said they sing it when getting in line for activites, are in the carpool line, and randomly during their day just to name a few occasions. 
Do you have a song that hits you?

To know that ANYTHING can be put to song and ingrained without any type of pressure but in a freee flowing organic way is a trip. This brings home the fact that music can help us deal with an array of issues we experience in life. For those who like to vent and share thoughts in writing it can be even more theraputic. Wow! The miracle that is the ability we were all born with (and should be nurtured in a natural way) is what I am meant to share with the world. Would love it if you came into mine and shared your joyful, healing, and life changing moments where music was your solace.

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