Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You Remind Me....

Hello Luvs,

I hope that your week has started out well. Rainy here but that is always something that is easy to contend with. It is unfortunate that a lot of people equate it with snow and drive with that mindset. Utilizing many meditative breaths helped tremendously.
Pine and yellow-throated Warbler

So, I started to work on my thoughts for today on Facebook. Something really crazy happened when I went to copy it to paste on here....it ALL WENT AWAY! Can you feel my pain and see my sad face...right brow lowered and bottom lip stuck out. I am a big fan of writing/expressing what you are feeling in the moment. It is kind of like channeling your soul's questions/doubts/heights/collapsing/rebirth. I let it go and live with what I needed to express. I was quite proud of it, but now I accept it was something that only I needed to hear and realize. 

Now comes the time when I will try again...but straight to the site. I learned that it is much better to use something that auto-saves constantly and undos errors.

The themes or object that I am drawing from are the birds that I hear while walking Goldie in the am.

You Remind Me

You remind me of the things I take for granted
The thumps and pangs of my heart 
Reassuring me that I am
There are so many doubts and pleasures
Placed right in front of me thus
Received in ignorance at any given
That rushes by like the river
Or the out of control killing machines and
The destructive tornado we call
Hello There Woodpecker!
Thrown around like opinions
That change direction and threaten
All who remain in their path left
In those very moments are the quiet thumps 
Then sweet whistles I can barely hear 
In the distance calling out for
Of the soul, mind, and body
They see are clearly weather worn
Swearing to me an offer of
Still, yet still, I am hesitant
I have witnessed this charm turned vicious
So much can change leaving behind no
But I will take this last act of kindness and sound
The cold wind blowing through my hair
A melodic song gently reminding me to simply and earnestly be

Til next time,


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