Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why Materialism Bums Me Out....

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Had to take a bridge underwater
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I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday whatever your religious beliefs are. By itself Sundays have been the sole day we have the Hubster each week. So, I have a little bias when it comes to what should be done. Whether we sleep in, make brunch and stay in, go out, or a Museum visit is scheduled we try to make the most of it.

Today's blog is about something we have been dealing with on a consistent basis. We have significant differences in regard to our upbringing, but several similarities in the way we survived it. We are finding over time that there are so many approaches/philosophies we have to life that has come to the forefront.

Neither of us is a big money maker or spender. Growing up very poor I put myself on a track to do something that would ensure financial stability and a legacy that I could leave for my children (if I had any down the road). I just KNEW I would be an attorney. They would never experience what I did. Then I went to a party and met Blanca Apodaca (with whom I would later form the band Milk n' Honey). My life went on a path that was the polar opposite of what I had planned. I embraced my creative side and there was no turning back. Going down this path has led to experiences I would never change and growth spiritually through music. However, it has also led to financial insecurity. Anyone who is an artist, writer, musician, or any type of entertainer knows exactly what I mean.

However, even though the Hubster and I have had some tough times resulting from health issues and surgeries we have made sure that our children have all they need. Not everything they want (though many times they find a way to get it even if it is from birthday money or for us to hold onto for Christmas). Why did I feel the need to write about and share this today? Well, though we have modeled an environmentally focused (recycling/reducing/repurposing) lifestyle and the need to look toward the future of our planet we find our children are not on the same page. Not only are they not on the same page but they are on a completely different line of consciousness. The need to buy, buy, buy is branded into their psyches. We prefer to live in a way that does not go to excess no matter what it is. There is no way we are comfortable seeing this grow and thrive in their minds.
Princess Goldie came with
us this time!

We are often left looking at each other and saying, "What did we do wrong?" We know that they have their own minds and are exposed to peers who feel that the car you drive, the shoes you wear, and the balance in your bank account is everything. This is the standard line of thinking for most Americans. Many simply saying that everyone does it. Most times they say this even when they acknowledge that it has detrimental affects.
A large group of seagulls around.
This one put on quite a show.

Why does that strike a King Kong sized pounding in my heart? If my children (with parents who try to instill a mindset of less commercialism) still fall prey to this mentality then what chance do other young minds have?

I am curious (if you would be so kind as to share) what your approach is with your children? I (we) never claim to be all knowing, and the wisdom/alternatives offered that might lead to a more successful outcome are MORE THAN welcome. It will be an uphill battle for sure. One of the MAJOR reasons why we want to go nomadic and expose our children to other ways of doing things is to show a different path. We want to encourage them to be free thinkers in regard to their footprint. We are a village and looking out for each other is a priority for not only my family but all the people around us.

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**P.S. These pics give a quick snapshot of the first half day of our Spring Break getaway. Airbnbs allow us to drive to our destination location. We also save by not going out to eat as instead. Being budget conscious we have found this to be a great option. Many places offer a discount for a weekly or monthly stay. If you want to see more pictures of our time here (most times I do not put up all of them) please follow me on instagram and twitter @katsmeoww11.

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