Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What the? Wednesdays

Hello Luvs,
Yes....both are me!

I was thinking that I might try out something new. Each Wednesday my blog will feature a regular theme. I will upload pictures from throughout my journey of self-discovery (of which I am still on). I have gone through many styles which continue to shift, change, and blossom. Most of my choices were lost on my loved ones. They simply fell back on "It looks like Kathy." Often times it would be something I had already left behind. They tried though...which said a lot. 

We all go through awkward phases (wonky to think of those who don't) that hopefully leave us with little nuggets of wisdom. With these pics you get a small glimpse of me searching for my light via fashion. Expressing yourself through your clothes is something that not only spans generations, but continents, genders, and so much more.

The two pics I am sharing today are from my time in San Francisco. Both show just how scattered and adventurous I was. There is a tomboy and rocker chic in all of us. They both exist in varying degrees. 

This was around the time I went skydiving
The blue nails gave me courage.....
The 'ska' grafitti pic was done by the lovely Brittan Blasdel. She is a Woman of many artistic talents. When we became friends she was doing a lot of photography. Now she does pieces using thumbtacks. They are amazing! Oh, and I am not biased! Ok...maybe a bit.

You can check out her original works at and follow her on instagram @brittanblasdel. 

Those were shiny grey fake leather
pants also by Mantrap...I KNOW!!!!
The second is by Amy Davis. She is an artist, actress, and musician. I have shared a few pieces she did of me on previous blogs. We got to know each other while working as baristas at a coffee shop, and she was taking a break from her brilliance. To give you an idea....they sent her to NYFW to do illustrated more realistic versions of the runway looks. I was fortunate enough to have an acapella song I wrote added to her husband Jon Moritsugus' film 'Fame Whore'. 

Get a glance of her sassiness from the blog I did while in Santa Fe.

**Just in case you can't read it, the t-shirt reads 'Never Mind the Bullocks Here's the Sex Kittens'. A play on a words....yes....gotta Luv the Sex Pistols! The designers' name is Heathyr and she owns a clothing line named 'Mantrap'.

Til next time,


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