Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What the? Wednesday....

Hello Luvs,

It is that time again! I have another pic to share and some insight into why my grand celebration went sideways. We set ourselves up by holding onto an expectation that really has no chance of coming to fruition. Yet we try....

The picture I am sharing is again from my time in San Francisco. I started playing guitar when I moved, did an open mic, landed a regular gig at a historic haunt (rushed to put togehter a band), and met friends that changed the course of my life. 
All about the hair, attitude, and my girls!

I constantly speak of being a village person, and how each of us can truly bring some positivity all while looking out for others. The friends I met in San Francisco along with those whom I had known previously (from Orange County) made up my village. It never escapes me the bonds we forged and our willingness to go to extremes for each other.

The two beautiful Women pictured are Mihwa Jarvis (formerly Riggs) and Roz Arnold. I count them as two of my all time favorite people who inspire while keeping me humble. Both are far away, (Hawaii and Ireland respectively) but nothing could change my love and appreciation for them.  

Mihwa was friends with several of my Orange County peeps and I got to know her very well while in S.F. So much so that I had planned to move to Hawaii with her (til I met the Hubster). She is a kindhearted fly by the seat of her pants kind of Gal who can light up a room while Salsa dancing across the floor. There were many nights when Mihwa charmed me into going Salsa dancing with her. This style of dance with lots of leg, arm, and hip movement is now ingrained into my psyche. We danced our way across Costa Rica (not literally!) while I destroyed the Spanish language. 

Roz is my Irish firecracker. She has a wit that is dry and insanely comical all while batting those increibly long eyelashes. Come on...look at that pic! She is a bad*** take no prisoners Vamp! I met her through a mutual friend, and we immediately hit it off. There is a no holds barred openness she has. Roz can charm, entrance, cut down, or make you laugh so hard you cried. When support was needed she was always there and still is (if we are able to connect). I dream is that when we go nomadic I am able to somehow make it to Dublin.

Now...the clothes and hair! I am finding out that this blog will be a little longer than I expected. This picture was taken at a time when I would do bantu knots in my hair. I would then let it dry and build these crazy spirals that defied gravity. I was also using peroxide to get me hair crazy orange. Funny story....I was wearing crazy baggy bell bottoms, a concert tee, an orange backpark that was shaped like a bean, along with 4 inch platform boots when a cop stopped me and asked for i.d. He said that there was a woman matching my description that they were looking for. Not to be big headed...but if you saw a pic of me that day you would say simply....YEAH RIGHT! I was headed to work and he held me up for about 15 minutes. Anyone who knows San Francisco and has walked from The Tenderloin (one block east of Great American Music Hall) up to Filmore Street (Sweet Inspirations) knows that the incline can be a witch (sub that with a curse word please). When you are in a groove climbing that and have that momentum abruptly stopped as a policeman comes running toward you know that my mellow was harshed. I lovely friend Lea Brown made the outfit. I themed the party black and white, and I was the only one allowed to wear red. With crazy tall hair, a Chinese Princess outfit, and jewels under the eyes I was ready to go.

So, where did the party so south? I am going to make this quick because I already put enough negativity into the previous paragraph. Let's just say that the mutual friend that introduced me to Roz was a slightly unstable drama filled energy sucking person. Her drama became THE drama for the evening (about half way through). If I followed the philosophy that I live by now I would have distanced myself from the start. Anyone who fills your life that way should not be part of it. You can care about that person and wish them the best without punishing yourself by not removing them. As you both grow wiser hopefully you can reconnect.

I thought this blog would be shorter and more about that night...but as I wrote it changed. Hope you didn't mind going on the journey with me. There must have been a need to express my love for two wonderful....amazing....dynamic....hilarious....and yes BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who have made me what I am...and that is GRATEFUL.

Til next time,


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