Monday, March 14, 2016

Try to Keep it Real....

Good Morning Luvs,

Daylight savings time always messes me up! I especially have issue with fall back. To get the brain working I thought I would try to write an ode of trail/inspiration. Not sure how cohesive it will be. Shall we see? Just rhymed two sentences...a little worried about the quality...oh boy!

Try to Keep It Real

Through temptation you might say
You've been lead astray
To a place you had not forseen
Laid bare like the tree stripped
of its bark.....
A place that swallows your dreams
It doesn't matter the foundation
Laid down
The soul filled with chaos
A heart that hovers above us
We know and we see
Just what we need to be
But you've been led astray
To this place beams
Of nightmares unseen
I see you
I know you
I am the person above you
Reaching down
Pulling you up to say 
Keep it real
The masses may scream
Call you obscene
Though your heart is stripped bar
Withered from lack of care
Just know....
I see you 
I know you
When all is uphill
Your only option is to
Try to Keep it Real....

Til next time,


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