Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My do I admire you!

Hello Luvs,

It is late in the day, but I thought I would still share some thoughts I had earlier during our family walk. Actually...I should say subject. As you read through the piece the subject might appear to be one person, place, of thing to one reader and something completely different to another. I encourage you to let these thoughts float over the fences and barriers of your mind...eventually reaching your individual (or similar) conclusion. That is, that we ALL can find beauty in something which is attainable only for a split second. I hope you enjoy!

My do I admire you!

Courtesy of Dunes Real Estate
With the pressure of time you harden
The ripples of skin foreign to me
I walk then slide until I stop
Not by choice but by fear
Fear of something I still do not understand
How can the sun reflect off of you so bright
Then insist on drying you in place
Being my first time experience
Of something I was clearly missing
I will glide, hop, and press my toes
For you are accepting of the 'Me" I am
No judgement...just padding
That allows my ankles to rest
I apologize for the ignorance I held
For you are worth admiration in life 
And with every breath

Til next time,


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