Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family time done right!

Hello Luvs,

Oh My Picasso....
Happy Sunday...! Sunday is the only day each week that we have the Hubster to ourselves. Unfortunately he had to work part of the day. However, we still found time to do some fun things. It is always nice to really take your time at meals and have animated conversations where the topics run the gammit.

Before I fill you in on our day I thought I would give you an update about our living arrangements. The cottage is really suiting us. Whenever we move to a new place I always try different routes the first week to find out what will get us where we need to go quickly yet safely. I found that the time driving REALLY matters. Once that was taken into account I have realized that we are in a pretty good location expecially in regard to the schools I teach.

One thing we love about this house/triplex (if you are not sure what I mean pop back to one of my previous blogs). It really feels European. The decor and arrangement it what does it. Having a smaller table means using smaller plates and/or bowls which encourages us to eat smaller portions. The size has also been really easy to keep clean. The owners had landscapers come by and the yard looks amazing, The only thing that is an absolute pain is the construction. It is still going on. Can you believe it? Not knowing about this before signing on was a bad deal. The Hubster put it out there (in a nice roundabout way) to the owner's rep. and there was nothing done. If I was the one who worked at home and had to feel the house vibrating I would have been a little (ok...a lot) more stern and found a way to at least get a discount. That is the thing about being a unit. Sometimes things are done a bit differently by the other person. There has to be a give and take and understanding in regard to how things are handled. Then ultimately you have to decide what you want to dig your heels in about and what you need to let go.

Ok, that being said...let's get to the good stuff. I am going to throw a lot of pictures at you from our two main stops. We had breakfast at home and hung around the house until about 12:00. Our first stop was the Original Q Shack. The food is pretty awesome. We usually get both the brisket (with 2 sides) and the pound of wings with 2 sides and split them. The sauce is crazy hot for me but I LOVE it!. The kids usually get a kid's brisket plate with fries, hush puppies, and a cookie. Below is the link so that you can check out the menu yourself. If you are ever in the area you NEED to stop by. If you are in the mood for tacos Nana's Tacos is right next door.

First up was the Nasher Museum in Durham. There were a few new exhibits that were amazing. I took a few pics from those along with a couple of favorites.

One of the blooming trees we came
across on our walk to the Nasher.
Who doesn't like a caption?

I love the colors in this one!
This is an interesting read and explains
the black and white nude-->-->
She is a STUNNER and LOVE
the outfit!   
Kool Kat!


Love in Africa...

Now the N.C. Botanical Gardens!

Baby Boy playing a wooden xylophone

A stump is a stump is a stump..

He greeted us at the garden entrance!

Little Fairy Family

Is she riding a slug????

Surrounded by a house of twigs

I see you!

Witnessed birds snacking on this...

Outside in...nature industrialized

The nest house I spoke of!

Man's mark...leaf block

Til next time,

Mama Bear and Baby Boy!

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